Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Suzy Homemaker Accomplishments for Today

I know in the grand scheme of things, no one really cares about this list but I need to record it just for myself.  That way, I can look back and remember that I actually DO get some things accomplished.

Today I have:

  1. cooked 2 pounds of hamburger meat with onion.  I froze this and it is ready for Mexican Casserole or Taco Soup later in the week.
  2. cooked 2 pounds of hamburger meat with onion and garlic.  I added two jars of my mother-in-love's canned tomato juice (from her garden), seasonings and a little sugar.  I let this yummy smelling concoction simmer for about an hour.  It's now ready to go into the freezer.  It won't take much to turn it into some delicious spaghetti or lasagna in the next week or so.  
  3. cleaned the vent hood filter from my stovetop.  YUCK . . . but you can now see through it.  That's pretty nifty -- and I learned how on Pinterest.
  4. cleaned the window on my oven.
  5. boiled peanuts for the big game.  Go State.  
  6. had the MainMost cook sausage dogs for lunch.  
  7. washed three loads of clothes.
  8. cut up a TON of bell peppers to freeze for later use.  Another benefit of the mother-in-love's garden.

I've done a few other things, but they don't fall into the "Suzy Homemaker" category.  

Right this very moment all FOUR of my McBlessings are home.  Sweet.

But in just an hour, they'll start heading out to various locations.  

The Princess spent the night with a friend last night and she has come home tired.  I love that sweet tired from when they've spent time with good friends.  There's nothing like an all-nighter talking and laughing with each other.  I can't wait for MY next get-together with MY friends.

The Boy Scout has 3 friends coming over for a "bro night."  They plan to have an airsoft war, throw the football, play xbox, eat -- and probably stay up all night -- and probably eat some more.  They've requested the MainMost's grilled burgers.  He surely does make the best ones ever.

The Junior is headed out shortly to a friend's sweet 16 birthday party.  Oh, to be 16 again.

The College Girl is headed out with the Boyfriend.  I think there's dinner and a movie in their plans.  

I am enjoying the moments I have with my kids.  Remember to treasure the time - it goes by way too quickly.

And I'm off -- there's more suzy homemaking to be done.

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  1. Looks like many yummy meals in your future. I still need to add meal planning to my list and do it.


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