Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blessings on the Brink

There are kids sprawled everywhere -- my very own plus the Boy Scout's friends.  For now their eyes are closed though I doubt they actually slept much last night.  There was so much to do and excitement to be made.

I spent a portion of the night sitting at my computer.  Not really doing much on it, but taking the time to listen.

It is interesting to watch them and listen to them talk.  I enjoyed listening to them all interact together.  Boys on the brink of manhood . . . yet having fun and laughing together.  Figuring out the world -- kind of, but still unsure.

Now it's time to wake them.  Lunch is cooking and church is calling.  I will be honored to have them sitting around me in Worship this morning.

Good friends.  Good times.  All because of JESUS.

These are the best of times.  I am pondering and treasuring them in my heart.

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  1. These ARE the best of times. I love focusing on the blessings in life.


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