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World History: Observations and Assessments from Creation to Today

This book is dedicated to this new generation of young believers whose fervor and dedication to the purposes of the LORD shall yet bring a great revival.  Stand tall, young people, and serve our LORD with alacrity and courage!  Okay, I have to be honest and tell you that James Stobaugh grabbed my heart with this dedication.  YES, YES and YES!  Stand TALL, young people and serve our LORD.  That's what it is ALL about.  That is why we study history -- so that we can Stand TALL and SERVE.

World History: Observations and Assessments from Creation to Today is a new history book written by James P. Stobaugh and published by Master Books (a division of New Leaf Publishing Group).  Designed to encourage independence in students, students are responsible for completing all coursework and turning it in to be graded -- by themselves.  How cool is that?  Independence and excellence is exactly what I aim to be fostering in my high schooler as I prepare her for the college work that lies ahead.

The softcover student book has 288 pages which include a glossary and timeline.  The 34 chapters begin with a study of Mesopotamia and end with a study of South Africa.  Students study one chapter a week.  That's 34 weeks of world history with 5 lessons per week.  Each lesson will take between 20-30 minutes. On the last class day of the week, students take an exam that covers the chapter they've been studying. Exams include map labeling, some matching and mostly discussion questions. The discussion questions help prepare students for college and are reminiscent of the days of Blue Books required for tests.  (Do you remember those?  I sure do!  I've been telling my girls all about the days of walking into a class with a blank Blue Book and not leaving until it was completely filled with all of the information I could recall.)

So what do I like about Mr. Stobaugh's World History (12th grade)?  I really like the fact that this is not a rote memorization of facts, but calls for a deeper understanding of the material studied. Students are required to learn and be able to explain in essay format that which they've studied.  It's not enough to study the night before, write down a bunch of answers and then promptly forget.  Students are given the opportunity to study and learn and remember through the conversational tone of the book.  Independent learning is stressed and students see GOD's HAND throughout history.

The softcover Teacher's Book has 144 pages and includes the answers to the student assignments found at the end of each day's reading.  Chapter Tests are included in the Teacher's book and can be photocopied for students or can be downloaded and printed off of a website.  Chapter Tests include matching, timeline and discussion questions.  

Read the heart of the author and you'll understand how very much I like this book:

My prayer is that if you do not know this GOD who can change history -- even your history -- this history text might encourage you to invite JESUS CHRIST into your heart as SAVIOR.  

I've said it before and I must say it again -- when the author loves GOD wholeheartedly and shares that love with my children, then I'm all in.  This beautifully illustrated textbook will be a part of Long Leaf Academy for years to come.  I look forward to studying the other two books available in this momentous series as well -- American History (10th grade) and British History (11th grade).

Both the World History Student and Teacher's Books can be purchased from New Leaf Publishing Group, Amazon, and Christian Book Distributors.  Check them out!

Disclaimer: I received this book from New Leaf Publishing Group for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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