Friday, May 18, 2012

The Exit Interview: Graduating a Homeschooler


Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let GOD transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know GOD's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.  Romans 12:2

Ah!  Day 5 of Graduating a Homeschooler.  This may be the very best day yet because we get to hear from the Graduate herself.  I'm so excited to be able to share with you a piece of Claire's heart -- and a window into our school experience.  Especially today as it is her 18th Birthday.  Her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY because she is 18 on the 18th.  How fun!

I will simply share her answers to a multitude of questions.  Some are questions that I have, some are questions that friends and family have.  Some are simply for fun, some are for deep thought.  They are in no particular order and I may come back and add more later.  My questions are in pink and her replies are in turquoise (as per her request).

  • What would you say to my readers about your homeschooling experience?  I'm the oldest so I was the guinea pig and I think I've turned out okay.  I'm not too traumatized.  I am who I am because I got to experience all kinds of people.  I don't fit in just one group -- I have friends in all groups.  I have been able to be more involved in activities because of a very flexible schedule.  I understand more the verse in the Bible about being in the world but not of it.  (John 17:11-17)
  • What are the BEST things about homeschooling?  a totally personalized schedule and the ability to be flexible
  • What are the HARDEST things about homeschooling?  being in one place all of the time; lack of change in atmosphere
  • Did you ever want to go to public school?  NOPE!
  • What was your favorite subject?  English -- writing
  • Was homeschooling fun the whole time?  No, absolutely not.  I never wanted to go to public school but I would have gladly run away sometimes.  In public school, you only have to deal with the teacher and other students on a limited basis but in homeschool you have to deal with the teacher and other students ALL the time.   And when "school" is over, you still have to hang around them.  
  • Was homeschooling ever fun?  YES!  It definitely had its fair share of good times.  
  • After being homeschooled your whole life, how do you feel abut going off to college?  I am SO excited.  I couldn't be more ready.  Homeschooling was great but this will be a completely different learning experience.  I'm looking forward to learning how to learn with other people and living on my own.
  • Do you feel you "missed out" on the typical high school events (prom, homecoming, etc.)?  No.  I didn't miss out on those things.  If you get to know people through church and other activities, you will get invited along.  I went to three proms for three different local schools last year.  I've been to two homecoming dances.  I was even invited to the Spring Formal at a local community college this year.  The cool thing about being homeschooled is people don't know you.  So they want to get to know you and you have the opportunity to be real.  You have to determine who YOU really are deep inside.  
  • Are there things you wish you would have done differently?  Courses or subjects taken?  Or concentrated harder on?  Yes.  Math.  
  • What advice do you have for a student entering high school?  Live it up.  It will be the quickest 4 years of your life.  Do all of your hardest subjects first then do the easier ones.  Try to get as many classes done before your Senior year as you can because you are going to want to have some free time as this will be your last chance before college.  If you're not involved in stuff, GO GET INVOLVED.  ENJOY! 
  • What do you say to someone who knows nothing about homeschool and yet has a negative opinion?  Contrary to popular belief, we don't do school in our pajamas.  I actually have a life.  
  • What was your favorite thing about high school?  Financial freedom and Trust.  I have had a great job that I loved throughout high school.  And I have gained the trust of my parents.  That's cool because I have been allowed to go places and do things and experience life.
  • How many roads must a man walk down?  Well, a million if they don't have a woman.  About 50 if they don't ask for directions from a woman.  They'll never get there if they are trusting their GPS.
  • Who is the person that influenced you the most and why?  My mommy.  Because she's awesome.
  • What course of study was your favorite and how has that course prepared you to pursue that domain in the future?  Favorite course:  writing.  BUT I will not be a novelist.  I will work with kids though!
  • What do you think are the weaknesses or gaps in your education and how do you plan to address those areas in the future?  Math.  It did not come easily to me and it has yet to click.  I will be taking summer college classes (starting next week) to address this area.  When your mom and dad tell you math is important, believe them.  I wish I had done more.  Luckily for me, my chosen occupation only requires one semester of College Algebra but that may not be the case for you.  Depending on your chosen field, you may need more than one math.  I was lucky.  
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?  A woodchuck would chuck as much as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
  • What is the average airspeed of an African Swallow?  About 24 miles per hour depending on what is chasing it.
  • What is your favorite color?  Blue
  • What was the best and worst thing about being homeschooled?  BEST THING:  Not being pressured by people on the outside to be anything but who I am.  Getting to form my own opinions without bias from others.  Being in an encouraging atmosphere almost 24/7 (depending on how you wake up) and truly having freedom of religion and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  WORST THING:  Having to take flak from other people about not doing things their "traditional" way and listening to silly questions like "do you have any friends?".  When we graduate, you'll see we turned out just fine.
  • How would you respond to the common complaint that homeschooled children are not socialized properly?  I would point at my shoes and work my way up to my face and say "I think I turned out okay."  It's true, some people are not socialized.  Some PUBLIC schoolers are not socialized either.  Some of them act like they have escaped from the zoo.  There is a difference between being homeschooled and being a homeschooler.  When homeschoolers get together, we don't think we're weird.  We get along great and have our own fun.  We have our own "language."  We are our own secret society.  But not like a cult--because that would be creepy.  
  • Do you believe being homeschooled with your siblings has caused you to have a different relationship with them than if you had not been homeschooled?  Yes!  We're WAAAYYY closer.  We know so much about each other.  We know when to avoid each other and when to love on each other.  We really LOVE each other very much.  We understand that we will always be able to count on each other.  We've spent just about 24/7 with each other -- and we're all still alive.
  • Would the rule of no dates until you are 16 have been a bigger stresser if you had been in public or private school?  I honestly have no idea.  I don't know who I would have been in public school.  I  always felt like that rule was a safety net for me.  It wouldn't have been a problem for me because I don't know if I would have cared.  Dating is a waste of time.  If you are going to date around, you are setting yourself up for failure.  I'm not getting married anytime soon.  You need to leave some room for potential.
  • How do you feel as a homeschool grad?  Do you feel that you have missed out on anything by not mainstreaming or do you feel that you have been fortunate not to have to deal with all the public school junk?   Mainstreaming is going to parties on the weekends and saying you're doing something else and then dealing with girl drama because girls are full of drama.  It is junk.  Being public-schooled is like one big family--you see those folks all the time.  You know parts of their stories, how they dress.   BUT the big picture is they are NOT your family.  There is no support in that dog eat dog world.  At home, this IS my family.  These memories, these supports ARE the ones that I will have forever.  
  • At what age were you allowed to participate in the selection of your curricula?  5th grade and up
  • Will you be more likely to homeschool your own children?  That's not something I can decide on my own.  That's something that you have to decide with your husband and GOD.  I would like to homeschool my children but it will depend on who I marry and what GOD does with us after that.

WOW!  I asked and she answered.  I sure do love my girl!  Thank you for hopping along with me this week as I blogged about Graduating a Homeschooler.  If you have a question you'd be interested in hearing her answer, leave it in the comment section below.

Thanks again and have a BLESSED weekend!


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  1. What a great interview! Love her answers :) Congratulations- and a happy birthday, Claire~!

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  3. Awesome! Loved the questions and the answers. I'm sharing these with my high schoolers.

    Thanks Claire and Happy Birthday (my oldest will be 18 in June but won't graduate until next year).

  4. I enjoyed reading the students' perspective. Claire brought up some good ideas for me to think about as I continue teaching my children. This was a great idea.

    Following you, too.

  5. Thanks for sharing. And best wishes in your future endeavors.

  6. Happy birthday golden girl! We enjoyed reading your answers, Claire.

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  8. Lynn,
    I'd LOVE to reprint your interview with your daughter on! If that's something you'd consider, would you email me? ( I've also added your blog button to our blogroll (

  9. I feel like parents that homeschool have a grasp on how difficult it is to be a classroom teacher. Good luck!


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