Friday, March 2, 2012

Reading Eggs = Reading Confidence

Our school journey has seen a plethora of learning styles and as with all families we've had our share of struggles and triumphs. The Senior blew away the Reading portion of the ACT -- in part because she has had a love of the written word for as long as I can remember.  She enjoyed snuggling with mom and reading books from the very beginning.

The Sophomore absolutely hated reading until we accidentally found a book series that turned her world upside down.  Her epilepsy had forced us to re-teach so many skills through the years and her brain flipped so many words that reading was her least favorite thing to do.   THEN we found books she loved and she is rarely seen without one in her hand.  She even re-reads her favorites!

The Princess has struggled to read -- and in fact, just learned how last year!  She spent the entire school year with one-on-one tutoring in an effort to teach her the one skill she couldn't do without.  She HAD to learn to read and FINALLY she did.  It took much longer for letters to start making words in her world, but now that they do she is progressing quite well.

Then along came an online reading program that engaged my Princess and served as a great tutorial to keep her motivated to R E A D!

The online sign-up for Reading Eggs took merely minutes and my Princess was set to begin.   The Reading Eggs program begins with an assessment {you can see a screenshot of the assessment below} and the Princess got 40 of 40 questions correct!  Talk about a confidence booster!  My sweet child who has struggled so very much with reading (and been made fun of by friends at church and Scouts) received a PERFECT score.  She was excited and couldn't wait to continue with the program.

Designed to place your child so they begin at the most suitable level for fun practice and skill-building, she started on Map 8 at Lesson 71 (there are 120 lessons in all).  As a result, the Princess enjoys her computer time on Reading Eggs.  She is progressing at an impressive rate through the lessons and she is earning "golden eggs" that she will be able to use to play rewarding games.  {She currently has 696 golden eggs -- but she is "saving" them for later.}

Not only is she reading well and increasing her skills, she has also authored two books on the Reading Eggs website.  I was pleasantly surprised to get an email notification this week that she had written a book and included it in the Reading Eggs contest to be voted on by other users.  She printed her book and assembled it as a gift for her dad.  To say she is enamored with Reading Eggs would be an understatement!

You can try Reading Eggs with your children FREE by signing up for the 14-day free trial.  That's 2 FULL weeks of learning fun to see how much your kids enjoy the reading games, songs and golden eggs.

After your children have "played" and learned, you can purchase a subscription to keep them engaged in reading.  Here's the price breakdown to help you decide which is the best option for your family.

  • 12 -months for $75 (add a second or third child at 50% off)

  • 6 months for $49.95 (add a second or third child at 50% off)

  • Monthly for $9.95

This is a minimal investment to help your children enjoy reading and develop a passion that will carry them through life.  Great ACT scores -- here you come!


~~I was given the opportunity to use and review Reading Eggs as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you. You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the TOS Homeschool Crew thought of   Reading Eggs HERE.~~

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