Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful this day is OVER!

I am thankful that this. day. is. over!  Or at least almost over!

It's been a rough one.  The MainMost went to work and had to come home because the stomach virus that we've been "sharing" here landed on him.  Poor thing!  He's had it pretty bad today.

I'm so thankful that the day is coming to an end and everyone seems to be doing a bit better.  The Boy Scout is packed for Winter Camp and the Senior is packed for New York City.  I'm almost packed -- just need to finalize a few things.

Thank goodness we've survived the day!  Thank you to our GREAT PHYSICIAN for seeing us through.


I’m linking up with my friend Brenda over at Garden of Learning. She’s challenged me to be in a mindset of gratitude as we prepare for a celebration of Thanksgiving! Hop over and check out how others are preparing their hearts and minds!


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