Friday, February 25, 2011

On Quest with MathRider


Take one little girl who LOVES horses, but HATES math. Add a computer program that combines both.  The result is pleasant school days, lots of smiles and much IMPROVEMENT in fundamental Math Facts.   Woo-hoo!  That's the kind of thing that makes this mom HAPPY! 

MathRider is a great new computer game that teaches your child to master fundamental mathematics in a land of adventure. After an easy download and set up based on the individual needs of your child, you are ready to let fun learning begin.  ANY student who needs practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication OR division will benefit from MathRider--especially if they love horses or would like to play the hero and save a princess. My daughter began with a quick practice round and then set out to complete the magical quests. Young or old, boy or girl--there is something here for every student.  As my 9-year-old played, my 16-year-old looked on and wanted to "help."   The Oldest McBlessing thought it was a "cool" game and that's a pretty high compliment.


In MathRider, each player "rides" a horse through a land of magical excitement, jumping hurdles (math problems) to advance and accomplish a quest.  As the math problems are answered, the program automatically adjusts to your learning speed.  The faster you can answer the math facts, the quicker your horse can jump through the gates and hurdles.

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The MathRider website explains the game like this:

While the rider is playing, the game learns what the rider knows and what he or she still needs to practice. Every single response (or non-response) is stored in an internal database and statistically analysed by the software. In this way the program is able to custom-tailor to each rider, which questions are asked next. No repetitive drilling of random number facts the rider already knows  but real practice of what actually needs to be practiced!


This comes straight from the mouth of my 9-year-old Horse Lover:

MathRider is a FUN game that is definitely helping me learn math. I like the horses and I like the missions.  The MOST FUN PART is doing the problems and seeing my horse jump the gates.  I really want to make my horse jump fast so I can get bonus points.  When I miss a problem, I have to think about it.  This is the FUNNEST GAME ON PLANET EARTH!

With a review like that, I happily recommend MathRider.   The instant download of  MathRider is available HERE for the special price of $37.00. It is compatible with  Windows, Mac OSX and Linux based computers.   For more information, check out MathRider on FaceBook and watch the YouTube video below.  Your QUEST for KNOWLEDGE will be successful!

You can watch a great overview video of MathRider on YouTube.


~~I was given the opportunity to use and review MathRider as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you. You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the TOS Homeschool Crew thought of MathRider HERE .~~ Pin It Now!

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