Thursday, February 3, 2011


Baby, it's ~C~O~L~D~ outside!

While many of our friends across the country have been dealing with EXTREME weather, we've been warm and toasty here in Southwest Mississippi.  Although the weather predictions have promised snow flurries time and time again, we've seen none--much to the McBlessing's dismay.

Today the temperatures have dipped once again and the cold rain that is falling is freezing on the windshields of our vehicles.  It's threatening to make quite a mess!  We are snuggled inside though--around a fire that the sweet MainMost stoked up for us before he ventured out.

I'm spending more time in the poetry of the Old Testament today.  I think the children will enjoy stories and hot chocolate as well.  It's a "resting in HIS promises" kind of day for us.  We're enjoying WHO HE is and staying warm of my favorite things to do! Pin It Now!

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  1. Sounds very nice and peaceful! A place we don't spend enough time, unfortunately. Blessings from a fellow crew member walking the blogs.


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