Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Hat

What a BIG morning at our house!  Claire PASSED the written portion of  the driver's test and was awarded her Learner's Permit.  It is such an exciting thing for her--and me too.  I added a new hat to my collection and shared one with her.   I think I will enjoy riding along while she chauffeur's me around town.  I am actually looking forward to the day when I can send her on the Girl Scout-softball practice-baseball practice-gymnastics-art runs.  But it is bittersweet as well--seems like just yesterday we were buckling her into the car seat in our little red Nissan for the very first time.  I remember every detail of that trip home from the hospital . . . even circling the street twice so my mom could get the video of Baby Claire arriving HOME.  Yet it's been 16 years.   GOD has blessed the MainMost and me with such sweet McBlessings!  I surely feel HIS Smile today! Pin It Now!

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