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We all know that homeschoolers ROCK and that they are super-creative.  With that said, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of the new movie, Trust Fund:  Know Who to Trust by Mapelle Films when I found out that a former homeschooler was the film's cinematographer and one of its producers.  I mean, seriously, how much fun it that?  Isaac Alongi's parents homeschooled him through all 12 grades of school -- and they started way back in 1982.  I consider them some of the homeschooling pioneers, so I was excited to see how this film from a fellow homeschooler would play for a mainstream audience.  Let me just start by saying here that we liked it -- a lot.

Trust Fund offers a modern-day, contemporary twist on the parable of the prodigal son.  The prodigal in this case is a daughter, Reese, who has the opportunity to do great things in the family business, but chooses instead to chase individual fame and fortune while living the life across the world from the support system she's always known and relied upon. Sound familiar?  As we all know, the deal with life is that choices come with consequences   . . .  some good, others bad . . . and we all must decide who we can trust to help us on our journey.

Trust Fund Movie

What I found most refreshing is that in this movie, when Reese hits bottom (as we all sometimes do), she is remorseful and she is offered grace.  Owning up to her situation, Reese calls her dad to ask if she can return home.  She realizes that she doesn't deserve special treatment, but she is welcomed home and loved unconditionally.  This is a tale of family, a tale of sisters reunited, and a tale full of the declarations of what true love really is and how to focus on what matters most in life -- relationship.

Although there is a substantial sum of money involved in the plot of the movie, for me it wasn't as much about money as it was about a daughter realizing that she has lost the good that was intended for her.  In making the choices that she did, Reese realizes she has blown the big plans set aside for her life.  But isn't that just like all of us?  How often do we blow GOD's original plan (Plan A) and end up with Plan B instead?

Trust Fund is a full-length feature film and is nicely made and produced.  I consider it to be family-friendly as there was no foul language.  Real world, real life situations were handled with extreme caution and were presented in good taste.  An interesting movie that will get you all up in the feelings, it's enjoyable by all.  My husband even liked it and that's saying something.  He's a bit of a movie snob and was afraid it would be a "chick flick."  Indeed, there was enough action to keep him beside me throughout the entire film.

Mapelle Films

Love Was Near Book
As an added bonus, the book Love Was Near complements the movie and would be a nice follow-up for your preteen/teen daughters.  Inspired by the Trust Fund movie, Love Was Near is written from the perspective of Reese and includes journaled, "Dear Diary" pages that offer insight into the backstory -- complete with handwritten text and doodles.  Girls will be able to greet Reese as an old friend as they answer questions and dig deeper behind-the-scenes into the relationships that make Reese who she is.  They may just see a bit of themselves as they work to find their place in this world and they will see that all choices and decisions affect the bigger picture.

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As for me and my house, we are looking forward to the next Mapelle Films movie.  How about you?

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