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Schoolhouse Review: Enlivenze LLC FlipStir Puzzles #hsreviews #shakestirsolve

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

When our FlipStir puzzle arrived from Enlivenze LLC I had visions of my extremely talented children eagerly pulling the Statue of Liberty out of the box and sitting right down to figure it out like the experts they seem to think they are.  A mom can dream, right?  I mean, my kids are gamers and robotics engineers and they know oh, so much more than I do, so I figured they'd be able to solve this new challenge in no time at all.  It's a "simple" Level 2 puzzle so it would be a breeze.  Ahem.
FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

The actual moment we pulled the puzzle out of the box went something like this:

"What is that, Mom?"
"I've never seen anything like it at all."
"So, where'd you get this?"
"Does it open?"
"Can I have a go at it first?"
"I don't think I can do this."
"Hmmm . . . this is a bit harder than it looks."

I LOVE it.  How about you?  The FlipStir puzzle IS a bit harder than it looks.  It's complicated -- in the most FUN way possible.  It's insanely addicting and incredibly unique.  A puzzle in a jar with no pieces or parts to lose, a FlipStir should be in every gaming cupboard around.

So what is it and how do you use it?  Do you remember that hugely popular fad from way back when that involved a colorful cube divided into nine little squares on each side?  It was a three-dimensional game/puzzle that folks carried with them everywhere as they worked to learn to solve it in no time at all.  It was candy for the BRAIN if you will.  AND . . . the FlipStir puzzle reminds me of exactly that -- only it's all separated into individual pieces and placed in a jar.  Yep!  You read that correctly.  You need one because, for goodness sakes, it's a PUZZLE in a JAR.  Who woulda thought?  It's candy and DESSERT for the brain.  Bring it on.

This puzzle-in-a-jar is ready for you to flip, stir, shake, and solve anytime, anywhere.  We took ours on the big family vacation last month and passed it around as we traveled in the car.  We shared it with the cousins in the cabin and took it out on the balcony to work on, too.  I took it last week on our Girl's Only Getaway and everyone took a turn with it on the beach.  What an easy-peasy way to occupy your mind.  And this week?  I had a slight injury at church and have spent some time recuperating in bed.  The FlipStir has been my companion as I lay on my side.  It's perfect, too, but just like that childhood cube puzzle, I'm still trying to get it right.

A go-anywhere companion
Did you see the picture of the Statue of Liberty puzzle at the top of this review?  That.  That is what the completed puzzle is supposed to look like.  But this.  THIS is what it looks like when I've got my hands on it.

a jumble of liberty
I love the concept.  I love the challenge.  The little footed wand pictured below helps you guide the pieces into place.  It's fun.  It's educational.  It's intense.  My OT Grad Student even thinks it's a neat little therapy tool and she's trying to claim it for her own.

Unlike traditional puzzles, there is no pesky box and no thousands of tiny pieces to spill everywhere.  The "cheat picture" so you know in what order the pieces should stack is right on the bottom of the jar and you can carefully glance at it whenever you need help.  Self-contained puzzles that won't end up on the floor?  What a win!

All of the components are sturdy so it's safe to travel with as you practice a steady hand and tight grip to display your deciphering prowess.  And the best part?  It's easy to share with friends.  When you are done, you just give it a shake to mix it all up before passing it along to the next person in line (or in the vehicle).  You can do it over and over again and each time will be different as pieces toss and tumble in crazy directions.

Trust me.  You want one of these fun and educational toys at your house and in your car.  And just think about what an excellent Christmas present it will make.  For even more information about finding the perfect FlipStir puzzle for your family and friends, please visit the following Social Media sites:

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FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
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  1. It sounds like fun, and yes, a handy therapy tool, too.


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