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Schoolhouse Review: Forbrain Headset #hsreviews, #forbrain #ADD #ADHD #sensoryintegration

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

We've had the distinct pleasure of reviewing the Forbrain headset by Forbrain -- Sound For Life Ltd over the past few months and we have made sure to put it through the paces to see just how well it works.  We've used it to improve reading comprehension, to aid in Bible verse and key passage memorization, to practice Boy's State and Girl Scout presentations, and to even have a little fun while practicing the piano and singing.  I am simply amazed by how well it accomplishes just what it says it will in such a short amount of usage time (just 20 minutes a day does wonders for teenagers!).   Every member of my immediate family has been seen wearing the smart little headset around the house -- and I've shared it at a reading boot camp at a local school library.  My Occupational Therapy grad student even gave it a whirl and says it will be a valuable therapy tool for her.  There are tons of neat uses for this great little invention and we are working hard to take part in all of them.  Techno-gadgets make my family happy and Forbrain is no exception.  So much more than just a techno-gadget, though, Forbrain is definitely an active learning tool.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

Forbrain is a headset device comprised of a high quality microphone (that sits perfectly at your mouth), dual suspension bone conduction speakers (resting on the bone just in front of your ears), and a dynamic filter that processes your voice and transmits it immediately to your ears so that you can hear exactly what you are saying and how you sound.  This simultaneous audio-vocal loop improves the quality of the sounds you make as you auto-correct and gives a complete sensory workout.  This is perfect for those with sensory integration issues as it allows them to slow down and block out the noise of the world around them as they focus solely on the task at hand.  Be it reading or speaking, singing or studying, students find this to be the a most wonderful helper.

At my house, the Forbrain headseat device has been used to improve memory and testing scores and is serving to make reading more "fun."  For my child who just "doesn't like to read," being able to wear the Forbrain headset makes it better.  She will gladly spend 15-30 minutes reading if she can do so with the aid of the Forbrain.  Actually, everything is better when wearing the headset.  I've been amazed at how much more piano practice, Bible Drill practice, and poetry recitation goes on since it came into our house.  My 15-year-old thinks that Forbrain is "the best thing we've ever used, Mom."  She really does love it.  So much so that she wears it for just about everything she does only taking breaks to let it charge.

We put the Forbrain device to the test recently at the reading boot camp in a room of seven children either reading aloud and answering comprehension questions, working through reading websites on the computer, or playing vocabulary games on the iPad.  I had each student join me at a table in the center of the room one at a time.  Using the device, they each read aloud the short stories they had completed that morning and answered the accompanying comprehension questions.   Without fail, each child exclaimed how "cool" it was to hear their own voice and how much easier reading was with the Forbrain headset.  They were super-excited to be able to use it and paid close attention as they read aloud for me.  The best thing, though, was that they were able to focus as they read and were able to self-correct the incorrect answers to the comprehension questions as they reviewed them to me.  After listening to them read for several weeks without Forbrain, I was simply amazed at the difference in the fluidity of their reading skill it made.  An added bonus was listening to the speech improvement of one child because she could actually hear herself speak.  How's that for the win?
Reading Boot Camp Stars

This has been a great addition to our school day and I've been honored to share it with friends.  I encourage you to check out the science behind why this works.  Forbrain -- Sound For Life Ltd has done extensive research and evaluation and the results are shared on the website.  This is really neat technology for speech and language difficulties and I've seen first-hand how it can help with reading difficulties, improve speech, and improve attention span in my own children and those I volunteer to serve.  Children of all ages can easily use it alone or it can be used in partnership with their parents.  Adults young and old will find it to be most beneficial as well as they work to improve their confidence and their vocal quality and timber.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

You can find out even more about using your voice to train your brain with the  Forbrain headseat device from Forbrain -- Sound For Life Ltd by visiting the following Social Media sites:

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Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

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