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  1. Exclusive High School Diploma Review

I've graduated two daughters so far and graduation for my son is fast approaching.  I'm not sure where the time goes because it seems like only yesterday he was holding up his little hands and saying "Hold you, momma" when he wanted me to pick him up and rock.  Now all of the sudden, he's taller than me and we are in the final stages of high school.  It's crazy how it all works out.  I've only got one more year with him before he calls college home and he's only visiting us on the weekends.  That's enough to make a momma cry.

Graduation is such a special time for homeschool families.  Through the years, we've been able to tailor each ceremony and make them super special for the kids in our homeschool group.  We always have the Seniors pick their theme, Bible verse, colors, motto, and music and each family presents a video montage for their graduate and the parents give a charge.  It's a neat time for us all.  For both of the girls' graduations, our homeschool group provided very nice printed graduation certificates for each family, but I've been looking for something just a bit different for my son.  I really wanted a diploma that would speak directly to his heart as he read over it and that would challenge him to strive for excellence always.  I found exactly what I was looking for over at HomeschoolDiploma.com and I have the most beautiful Exclusive High School Diploma waiting patiently for him to complete his coursework and be deemed FINISHED.  I absolutely LOVE this diploma and am excited that it is what we'll be presenting to him next year at graduation.

Why do I love it so much?  Because it is 100% customizable.  It says everything I wanted it to say -- about school, about life, about JESUS.  It reflects the heart of the young man my boy has become and it reiterates what I've said so often about our homeschool journey.  This is about so much more than book education.  Homeschooling is about equipping our children to live in a world gone mad and offering them solid faith to stand tall for what they believe in even when no one else will.  All of this (and more) has been incorporated into the Eagle Scout's diploma.

The online ordering process is super simple and you have the opportunity to choose exactly what you want so that the finished product best reflects your graduate.  No cookie cutter graduates here.  From cover (I chose Blue Crew, Too blue since robotics has been such a HUGE part of his life.) to paper type (cream-colored stock was my favorite), font (Gothic), seal (Christian Education engraved), wording, Scripture and everything in between, the Exclusive High School Diploma makes for the perfect choice for any homeschool graduates.  Our school name, city, and state are included and help make it official.  Are we ready for this?

My life verse has long been Jeremiah 29:11 and I have been teaching it to students for years and years.  My children all know and treasure it, so I was pleased to have it as a choice for the diploma.  I can't wait for my son to see how uniquely HIM his diploma is.  

From the moment it is placed in his hands, he will be reminded that ALL glory belongs to GOD alone.  That has been the underlying lesson in everything we do.  Our lives are GOD's and I pray they reflect JESUS in every aspect -- from our rising up to our lying down.

Graduation is a special time and HomeschoolDiploma.com will help you pull it all together as you strive to bring glory and honor to GOD.  You can purchase caps and gowns, tassels, honor cords, medallions, and invitations.  There are even class rings, key chains, keepsakes, and announcements available.  Truly, everything you need to make your graduation ceremony special is available at HomeschoolDiploma.com.

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Exclusive High School Diploma Review
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