Wednesday, February 3, 2016

currently {February 2016}

Welcome, FEBRUARY!  Love is in the air and Spring is just around the corner.  Fun!

Here's a look at what is currently on my mind . . . 

Sending:  a box of fun to my sweet niece in North Carolina.  I should have mailed it weeks ago, but I'm always a bit late.  There's a indoor snowball fight waiting to happen and felt foods for her restaurant.  I can't wait to hear what she thinks.  Oh, how I love that little girl!

Eating:  healthy options are on my menu.  It's time to get rid of the winter blahs and I'm exercising, too.  BUT we did make some Cheesy Pull Apart Pizza and Sugar Cookie Puppy Chow last week at Kid's Night Out and they were winners.  Just a small taste for me was enough to make me smile.

Dreaming:  of warmer days and sunshine, a bit of a tan so I don't scare folks, relaxation

Smelling:  I received LOTS of candles for Christmas and I'm rotating the yummy smells throughout my house.  The Bath & Body Works "London" candle is one of my favorites at the moment.  The simple smell takes me back to our trip almost 30 years ago.  It's on my list to visit again one day.

Hearting:  the MainMost, the McBlessings (including the men who love my daughters), and this silly dog

currently, this month has great potential.

I linking up with Jenna and Anne to share what is currently going on in the world around me.  Join us?  Check back in on March 2nd when I share what I'm currently wishing, craving, going, wearing, and learning.
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