Saturday, December 5, 2015

Things I Hope My Children Learn From Me

Dear Claire, Victoria, Jenner, and Elisabeth,

1.  Commitment matters.

2.  Run the dishwasher at night when you go to bed so you can start fresh in the morning.  (Best advice I ever got -- from a friend when I was pregnant with my first.  It's been a lifesaver for 21 years. And who doesn't need a fresh start!)

3.  It's okay not to be cool.  

4.  Weddings and Funerals -- go to both. Your friends and family are important. 

5.  Make time for vacations with your family.  You will never regret spending time making memories.

6.  Share Hope.  This day really does have the potential to be great.

7.  Read.  

8.  Never wash reds with whites.  Unless pink is your favorite color.

9.  Life is more fun shared.  Have pets. Treasure friends.  Enjoy family.  Spend holidays together.

10. I love you.  With every ounce of who I am, I love you.  

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