Friday, November 27, 2015

Random 5 on Friday -- November 27

1.  I am the crazy aunt who makes us take this family photo every Thanksgiving on Granny's porch.  One day they'll thank me.

2.  All of the food was yummy, but dressing is my favorite.  (and "stuffing" is NOT the same as Dressing.)

3.  Hard work pays off.  The oldest helped the youngest work on revamping her new room this week.   They pulled out the carpet, moved furniture in, and started decorating.  It was neat to watch them work together.  Proud mom moment.

4. We are getting our crafty on.  I'm not near as artistic as these two, but I like what I did nonetheless.

5.  I love these goofy kids.  When the package arrived from my brother and sister-in-love this year, there were FIVE chocolate advent calendars inside.  How super-sweet were they to include our new son.

6.  I may be just a tad bit jealous that my girls all have AG dolls.  Just a tad.  Isn't this one beautiful?  She was a gift to the Princess on Thanksgiving.  Pure sweetness.

What a great week we've had!  I love a week at home with my family.

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