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Schoolhouse Review: Middlebury Interactive Language -- French I #hsreviews

 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

You might remember that I was excited last year about Middlebury Interactive Languages and I shared with you that it was developed specifically for students by linguistic experts.  The Boy Scout enjoyed studying German during his Sophomore year so it was only fair that the Princess have a chance to study the language of her choosing this year.  Middlebury Interactive Languages offers full semester Spanish, French, Chinese, and German courses for students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade and they even offer an Arabic course during their Summer Language Academy.  With so many languages to choose from, I thought the Princess might have difficulty deciding which one to study, but she didn't hesitate when I asked her choice.  The Princess chose to begin meeting her High School foreign language requirements with High School French I.  Designed for students in grades 9 - 12, she is absolutely loving the language study and requests to begin every school day on the computer immersed in the French culture.  She started a French notebook (without prompting from me) and is content to spend hours studying, reading, and repeating.  Her studies have ignited a love of all things French and I'm enjoying watching her as she looks up new recipes and pores over travel sites.

Middlebury Interactive Languages makes learning languages both fun AND interesting for students through the online resources provided.  Students begin each unit with objectives spelled out for them -- they understand what they'll learn and how much they'll know at the end of each unit.  From spelling and vocabulary to speaking and pronunciation, students are provided ample opportunity to practice the language through audio, video, matching games, speaking labs, listening, and reading.  In a cultural-immersion atmosphere, plenty of PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE is abundant.  Not only is the language of French being taught, but the culture of France is being discussed as well.  My Princess can see the language, speak the language, hear the language, read the language, write the language, and understand the language all from the comfort of her home.  She is surrounded by the sights and sounds of a foreign land without even applying for a passport and says she can almost taste and smell the goodness that comes along with it.  Breads, pastries, and cheese anyone?
 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

Taught in two semesters, French I consists of 36 units (18 units per semester).  Each unit is broken down into 5 lessons for a total of 90 lessons per semester.  Working just one lesson a day gives students plenty of time to complete an entire series of units in one semester.  As students work through the individual lessons, quizzes test their comprehension and recording their voices tests their pronunciation.  In addition, each semester has built-in midterms and final exams.  Most all of these tests are automatically graded.  The Princess is currently studying the first semester of French I.  With absolutely no background in French, she has been able to step right in and grasp the language study all by herself.  And that's a very good thing since this momma has no foreign language expertise at all.  It's pretty impressive to me that my child can learn French independently.  Middlebury Interactive Languages makes for outsourced homeschool at its finest.

As much as she enjoys her French class, I might like it even more.  Middlebury Interactive Languages offers a super-easy way to include foreign language in our homeschool environment.  My only role is to provide accountability for completed assignments.  Truly there is no prep work for me and my daughter loves what she's learning.  Could it get any better than that?  The program's calendar automatically makes assignments (which I can adjust if necessary) and my daughter can log onto the website and work at her own pace.  No matter where we are or which device she is logging in from, her place has been saved and her work awaits.

 Middlebury Interactive Languages proved an invaluable resource to us last year and continues to be a trustworthy source of inspiration for us this year.  Here's what my girl had to say:
I like French because it's fun, but not hard to learn.  From the very first time I sat down to study, I walked away being able to say a sentence.  It has gotten easier and easier for me.  I am really learning the language and I'm proud of myself.

I like fun mixed with learning and appreciate that my daughter finds success with this program.  For more information, you can find  Middlebury Interactive Languages on the following Social Media platforms:

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 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review
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