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Schoolhouse Review: Faith of Our Fathers -- #hsreviews

It is important that alongside the blockbusters there are stories that can inspire and audiences can experience together in the cinema.  ~Justin Chadwick Review no 2 Review no 2
Faith of Our Fathers tells the story of friendship and grace, forgiveness and faith.  It is a story of heart-wrenching love and gut-warming compassion.  And yes, I realize that I totally skewed those two descriptions.  I did that purposefully, because Faith of Our Fathers has totally skewed my perception and made my heart ache -- in the best way imaginable.  When you move past the stereotypical portrayal of a boy from Mississippi and remember that war can be nothing but hell, you are reminded that JESUS is real and alive and waiting patiently for us all in this moving film from

The tale of two boys-turned-men on a quest to find out about who their fathers really were, Faith of Our Fathers portrays parallel friendships between Eddie Adams and Stevie George (soldiers fighting in the trenches of the Vietnam War) and  their sons, Wayne Adams and John Paul George (wading through the trenches of daily life).  Both pairs of men are unlikely friend material but they end up bonded to one another forever.  Isn't that how life often works?  Through flashback scenes from modern day to grisly jungle warfare, we are able to piece together the unmistakable bond and radical love of JESUS.  Eddie Adams is a rough around the edges soldier and everything that he is, Stevie George is not.  The two men forge a strong friendship as they fight and serve and pray and die alongside one another.  

Eavesdrop with me on this conversation between Stevie and Eddie.  In my opinion, THIS is the crucial moment of the movie.  We are reminded that even in the midst of battle, JESUS is waiting and willing to accept us.  HE loves us unconditionally and died for us.
Stevie:  There's a verse in here [The Bible] that says if you seek you will find.  Do you know what you'll find?  
Eddie:  What? 
 Stevie:  JESUS.  HE can heal every hurt, every ounce of pain that you feel, every wrong that you ever did.  HE died on the cross. just for you, Eddie.  
Eddie:  Why would HE do that?  Why me?  
Stevie:  He loves you.  Selflessly.  And HE wants to spend an eternity with you.  In a place where there is no more pain, no more fighting, no separation.  HE loves you as much as you love Wayne.  And HE died for you, just like you would die for Wayne.
Fast-forward 25 years and we meet Wayne Adams and John Paul George -- two sons of war heroes who are both in search of the fathers they never knew.  When John Paul accidentally stumbles upon the name of his dad's combat buddy in a letter from war, he begins the hunt to track him down, finding instead his son Wayne -- way down in Mississippi.  The two sons meet and the adventure ensues as they journey to the Wall.  Both men have a deep desire to know more of the fathers they never met and their only way to find them is together. Interestingly enough, Wayne is rough around the edges (just like his father, Eddie) but longs for peace and John Paul is grounded in the only PEACE that matters (like his father, Stevie).  To see GOD move in and through and around these boys is a phenomenal testimony of their fathers' shared legacy of faith.

Now, I really want to recommend that you see this film for yourself so I am not going to share all of the wonderful details that make it worth watching here.  Just to tease a bit though, Si Robertson makes a cute cameo that will make you smile and both Candace Cameron Bure and Stephen Baldwin have starring roles.   Baldwin plays the Commanding Officer of the Vietnam unit, Sargent Mansfield, and it is a poignant moment when he tells Eddie and John Paul:
"Most men think that their life only matters while they are alive.  But some of the greatest men I've known are already gone.  Your dads are two of them.  . . .   I learned that a man doesn't have to die when he dies."
As we all know, there is absolutely nothing about war that is pretty.  Fortunately though, Faith of Our Fathers helps us to see that good can come from times of trial and that HOPE is available to all who seek.  A shared testimony of faith in a heavenly FATHER who loves us more than our earthly fathers ever could is well worth watching.  I've stood at that big, black granite Wall in Washington, D.C. with tears streaming down my face.  Those men and women who gave their all deserve our tributes and praise.  Let's make sure to give it to them AND to share the love of JESUS along the way.  Faith of Our Fathers helps us to do both.     

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13

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Buy this movie, watch it with your family, discuss it with your friends.  Celebrate fathers.  Pour over the interviews at the end.  Invest in men and pray for them daily.  Be inspired to BE HIS.  Leave a legacy of HONOR.

You'll be so glad you did.

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