Friday, October 9, 2015

Random 5 on Friday -- October 9

1.  A day and night away with the MainMost is good for the heart, mind, body, and soul.

2.  I love hearing girls giggle in anticipation and talk excitedly as they prepare for Bible study.  It never gets old.

3.  Laundry NEVER quits.  I absolutely abhor it.

4.  I'm thinking about changing the font on my blog.  I may be getting tired of this one.

5.  This is going to be a crazy-busy Friday.  I have to:

  • take the Eagle Scout to work
  • take the Princess to babysit
  • return borrowed items we used to decorate for the wedding
  • return a pair of pants that didn't fit
  • pick up the Eagle Scout
  • pick up the Princess
  • head to Robotics
  • pick up apples and apple cider
  • take the Eagle Scout to his other job
  • cook supper for the rest of the family
  • pick up the Eagle Scout 

There you have it.  Words that only make sense in my random brain.
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