Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SPECIAL RECIPE -- July BlogChallenge #bloggingthroughJuly #summerchallenge

Campers arrive today to begin the marvelous week of Camp Sunshine and I can think of no better recipe to share than everyone's favorite Camp Salad.  This easy-peasy salad is a HUGE TRADITION at Camp.  It is cool and refreshing on a HOT summer day in July.  This is the 39th year of Camp and I think this recipe has been around since the very beginning.  It is a treasure for campers and counselors alike and makes an appearance on the master menu several times during the week.

Camp Sunshine "Camp Salad"

Shredded lettuce
copious amounts of Ranch dressing
salt and pepper

Mix lettuce and dressing.  Add croutons and mix together.  Salt and pepper to taste -- lots of pepper makes it even better.    Serve.

Really!  That's it!  But I'll tell you, there's just something magical about this combination for a week in July at the Percy Quin campground.  And the Food Committee makes Camp Salad in HUGE batches -- there are 250 of us eating, after all.  For some reason, it just gets better the longer it sits -- which I would find totallay gross if we weren't at Camp where everything is perfect and life is grand.

(I'm going to be posting a picture on Friday so that you can all see the huge batch of Camp Salad that it takes to feed the Campers and Counselors at Camp Sunshine.  We don't serve it until Friday night, so please stop back by and check it out.  You'll be impressed.)

They made HUGE bowls of this stuff so that we wouldn't run out.

Cool, refreshing, Camp Salad

Who knew lettuce could taste so good?

This WEEK has great potential!

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  1. Ranch dressing is my favorite, and the food they make in the Percy Quinn kitchen is always delicious.

  2. Sometimes it's just the company and the memories that make a dish extra special! :-)

  3. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see the size of that bowl! - Lori


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