Sunday, July 12, 2015

MY EARLIEST MEMORY -- July Blog Challenge #bloggingthroughJuly #summerchallenge

I celebrated my 47th birthday yesterday.  It's hard to believe that my earliest memory is almost 44 years old.

On August 5, 1971, when I was 3-years-old, I became a big sister.  I will never forget that day.  Of course, things were different way back in the day.  There were no "big sister" t-shirts and cute family photos in the hospital.  When my parents went off to the hospital, I stayed behind at home in the care of my great-grandmother and we awaited the phone call (Yep!  a rotary dial phone on the wall with a cord and all) that would tell us if the new baby was a he or a she.

When the call came, Grandma Bonnie and I held hands and danced around the wooden living room table.  We danced and sang together "I have a baby brother.  I have a baby brother."  I've never forgotten those sing-song lyrics, that special celebration, the feel of her hands in mine.  It was a magical moment as she introduced a new kind of love to me.  She, too, had a baby brother and their bond was beautiful.  She lived love and taught me how.

It is my earliest memory.

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