Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ANIMALS -- July Blog Challenge #bloggingthroughJuly #summerchallenge

We are animal people.  Always have been, I guess.  Growing up, my family always had a cat and one or two Dalmatian dogs that lived inside our house.  Dalmatians were our breed of choice.  I think my brother was a fire department enthusiast and that's how we became Dalmatian lovers.  As a matter of fact, our first spotted girl was named Sparky.  How creative were we?

Fast forward more years than I care to share and we are still animal people.  Currently, we have one inside dog, Chaucer, and one inside cat, Sebastian.  There are three dogs outside -- Brownie (you'll never guess what color she is), Lucy, and Molly.   I'm not sure how Lucy escaped with such a "normal" name.  We inherited Molly so she was lucky.  Other dogs here have been named Ducky (because she had a duck-shaped patch), Skittish (I'll bet you can't guess his personality type), Goliath (he was HUGE), and then, of course, we had our loves Ferguson and Finleigh.  Quite sophisticated names, don't you think?

Through the years, we've also shared our home with Claude (a rescued cat that we had longer than any other pet), Rhett and Scarlett (dogs we rescued from the side of a highway on the way to a wedding), Sissy Nesserina, Cyclops (yep, a one-eyed cat), Bubba, Raven, Katrina (guess what hurricane she flew in with?), Anya, Daisey, Ellie, and Ellwood.  Did I mention we love animals?

What kind of animals tug at the strings of your heart?

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