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Schoolhouse Review: IndoctriNation #hsreviews

There is no doubt that Christianity is on the decline in America.  It's a crazy world we live in and as a nation we have purposefully separated ourselves from the original ideals and plans laid out for us by our Forefathers.  I am a product of the public school system of a different era.  I remember daily prayer and devotions led by teachers over the intercom in elementary school and junior high, but by high school that was forbidden.  Students led short moments of reflection and teachers hid their Bibles.  Where we used to pray together before our days began, we now had a time of silence after roll call.  It may have started as a simple exercise in semantics, but it stuck.  I knew that I wanted something different for my children.  I wanted something more.  For us, the answer was to home educate our children.  
A few years ago, a friend shared a copy of the book, IndoctriNation:  Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America with me.  As a Political Science major and eternal optimist that good triumphs over evil, it was an eye-opening read and I was excited to have the opportunity recently to watch the movie of the same title by Great Commission Films.  I was interested in seeing the book come to life and I was super-impressed with the "cast" of characters -- men and women of integrity who were willing to share their hearts and convictions on camera.  IndoctriNation takes the viewer on a school bus tour across the United States exploring the current public school system and visiting the history that brings us to today's educational system.  A homeschool "field trip" that examines the norm and exposes the truth behind the closed doors of the local schools, IndoctriNation is a must-view for Christian families -- and those who care about America's children.  This 102-minute DVD is spellbinding and thought-provoking and has provided much fodder for discussion with my 13- and 15-year-olds.
IndoctriNation DVD Review

So, why would I desire to watch a movie about the public school system and why would I deem it necessary to share it with my children?  I think most will agree that there has been an undermining of parental authority and personal responsibility in recent years as we "train" our citizenry to rely more and more on what the government can provide.  Instead of taking the easy way out, I think it is only prudent that we examine what is and what can be and I find no safer venue for my children than home.

IndoctriNation is an important movie for all Americans to watch.

1.  Because I work with students from public, private, and homeschool settings through ministry, I desire to understand what is going on in the world around me.  Students spend a vast majority of their time in a school setting.  Informed citizens NEED to understand what students hear once they enter the school doors.

2.  As a homeschooling mom, I want to be aware of what the friends of my children are hearing.  These are the very ones who will be making laws and shaping the futures of my grandchildren.  I want to make sure that they are being taught truth -- and not watered down versions of politically correct history.  Education is a $565 billion expenditure in America.  That's OUR tax dollars at work.  Don't you want to know how YOUR MONEY is being spent?  We simply must stay informed.  It is our responsibility to our children.

3.  Christians are called to be LIGHT in a world of darkness.  School systems reflect the values of our society.  There has to be more.  IndoctriNation provides hope that there is a better way.  As I watch this movie, I am reminded of the freedoms and liberty we have as a homeschool family.  

In a nation where 90% of Christian families send their children off to public school and give the job of raising the character of our children to someone else, it is time to re-evalutate the norm.  From an inside-the-system view, IndoctriNation reminds us that our Founding Fathers were convinced that a successful America must be virtuous.  Virtues were once taught through GOD's Word instead of character curriculum.  The Honorable Howard Philips shares that government schools are doing their best to train students to be servants of the state.  Is this what we want?    It is the responsibility of the parents -- not teachers -- to raise up a generation of Christ-servants.  Do you want your children to believe the things that YOU believe or do you want them to believe the things that the world believes?  Schools cannot do what homes MUST do.

IndoctriNation serves as a great wake-up call to America.  Even the very best schools are inundated with the will of the government.  Be aware of what your children are involved in daily.  Serve on committees, be a presence, pray, pray, pray.  Ask GOD to help you discern how your child should be educated.  If you are the least bit frustrated with what passes for education today, watch this movie. Do you really want your child used as the tool to reform the school system?  

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IndoctriNation DVD Review
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