Tuesday, January 20, 2015

currently {January 2015}

Here's a look at what is currently on my mind . . . 

Planning:  a trip to Chicago this Spring.  It will be our first time to travel to the state of Illinois and I am so excited.  I read an entire book series based in the Windy City and I'm looking forward to seeing some of it with my family.  I love planning.  I *think* I have some fun food and neat activities mapped out for us, but I'm open for suggestions.  Where would you recommend we visit while there?

Hoping:  that I'll ~finally~ get it all together in 2015.  Once upon a time, I was organized and neat.  Then something changed.  I'm hoping to figure out how to do life better this year.

Baking:  cookies. From a tub I bought from a couple of middle schoolers who were sharing their school fundraisers at church.  Not even real homemade. But they sure do taste good.

Wearing:  Boots.  The MainMost gifted me with two new pair for Christmas, and I'm enjoying making new outfits with them.

Resolving:  To encourage more.  To look on the bright side of life.  To choose happy over sad.  

currently, this month has great potential.

Check back in on February 4th when I share what I'm currently  hearting,  reading,  pinning,  eating,  anticipating.  
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  1. This is a great post. I really liked this peek into your mind. I've never been to Chicago (well, that's only kind of true - I was on a flight that had a layover there in 1997, but I never saw the outside of O'Hare), so I can't offer any ideas for places to visit there. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time, though. I hardly ever bake cookies from scratch anymore. It's probably more expensive overall, but it's always cheaper at the time to just buy the Nestle dough from the refrigerator section. I got a nice pair of fuzzy-on-the-inside, suede-on-the-outside boots on Black Friday. They're awesome, so I just know yours are too :). And I really love your "resolving" section here. Great words of wisdom for us all.

    (P.S. I got a new computer a couple of weeks ago, and I'm reading your website on it right now, and it's got the font looking the way it's supposed to. I wonder some computers have it all ugly and hard to read like my husband's desktop?)

    1. Oh, Wendy! I am so happy to know that the blog is easier to read now. Woo-hoo on that new laptop! Congrats, my friend.

      I'm with you on the cookie dough -- and I like to eat it right out of the refrigerator, too. YUMMY.

      Thank you so much for stopping by to visit. I love having you here. :)


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