Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Bible Amigos Book Series: Five Loaves, Two Fish, and One Big Hat

I have always liked to read special books to my children and my favorites are the ones that teach them more about JESUS.  I think that sharing JESUS is the very best part of being a mom.  How about you?   I've found a cute new book series that includes adventure, friendship, and Bible stories especially for children ages 3 - 7 that is just perfect to teach little ones that they can serve GOD.  

The Bible Amigos is a brand-new book series that takes children on fun adventures with lovable animal characters on a flying Bible.  The series consists of two titles so far.  Book One is called Jonah and the Bear and it shows children that they'll be happy as they obey GOD's call to share with others.  Book Two is called Five Loaves, Two Fish, and One Big Hat and it teaches children that they are never too little to serve GOD in a big way. 

The sweet book, Five Loaves, Two Fish, and One Big Hat, tells the story of three amigos named Donk, Edge, and Walla who are whisked away on a flying Bible when a call for help arrives.  The friends travel to the aid of Jorge, a small boy who is always told he is too little to help others.  The Bible Amigos show Jorge that GOD's Word has the answer to every important question and share the story of JESUS feeding the 5,000 with just five loaves of bread and two small fish -- all because a little boy was willing to share everything that he had.  Jorge offers up all he has -- a really big hat --with love and full of trust that GOD will make a way.   And HE does.  Jorge's hat saves the day.

Isn't it wonderful to share the love of JESUS with our little ones?  This book not only shares Bible stories, it also offers other suggested Bible verses for children and parents to read and study together. Children will enjoy both the story and the illustrations as they hide GOD's Word deep in their hearts. I'm looking forward to seeing the expansion of this series and sharing it with the precious little ones in my life.  

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