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Schoolhouse Review: Purposeful Design #hsreviews

My greatest desire and wish is that each of you -- in seeing the hand of our Creator -- come to fully understand HIS finished work through HIS Son, our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.      ~ author Jay Schabacker

What a wonderful way to end a review year reading about the Purposeful Design of GOD from the very beginning of time.  What a beautifully spoken Dedication to a book (quoted above).  How precious the heart of an author who desires GOD's very best for each reader.  It is with great delight that I share Purposeful Design with you.  I am a creationist.  I believe that everything was created by GOD's hand and that in the very beginning HE very simply spoke it all into being.  I know that GOD is the Masterful Creator and that we are HIS Masterpiece.  What an honor for us all that HE chose to include us in HIS Design.

Purposeful Design:  Understanding the Creation (currently $18.95) is a beautiful hardcover book for all ages to read, share, and learn about GOD's perfect plan.  This evangelical book is perfect for the exploration of the wonders that GOD has provided us as it walks us through the seven days of biblical creation.  There is even a Purposeful Design Young Explorer's Club that offers free complementary curriculum in workbook format (30 page PDF plus a Teacher's Key with Certificate of Completion) that makes this an all-inclusive, hands-on study of Genesis Chapter 1.  The student workbook is a helpful addition to the study of the book for elementary age readers and above.  We have found useful elements for both my middle and high schooler.  (I printed each of them a copy of the curriculum workbooks for their science notebooks for future reference.)  I love the reading comprehension activities, the artistic challenges, the additional Scripture references to ponder, and the prayer prompts.  

Purposeful Design Review

Author Jay Schabacker has done an excellent job of integrating the principles of science, the elements of design, and the WORD of GOD throughout Purposeful Design:  Understanding the Creation as he explains the truth of In the Beginning through the seven chapters in his book.  Each chapter directly correlates with one day of Creation as discovered in Genesis, Chapter One.  Beginning with The First Day:  Creation of the Heavens and the Earth and the Foundation of it All and ending with a call to rest on The Seventh Day, Schabacker takes his readers on a journey of epic proportions.  Within 91 pages of beauty, readers are invited to look closely at the purposeful design (not the accidental mistake that some would have you to believe) of a loving and benevolent GOD and to examine the science behind each element of life.  Jay explains the how and why of GOD's design and shares some neat aspects of HIS plan including celestial navigation, the exact tilt of the Earth's axis that gives us Seasons, and our unique body parts and functions that are created in HIS very image.  

I waited anxiously for this review.  We make it a point to recognize the beauty of the world around us and to marvel at the creativity of GOD.  I was excited to share the scientific aspects of the book with both the Eagle Scout and Princess (and with the MainMost, too) as we continued our ongoing discussion of GOD's creation of the Earth.  It was fascinating to read the biblical transcription intermingled with the scientific proof that GOD did just what HE said HE did.  We chose to read chapters of the book together as part of Science each day as it complemented both the Earth Science and Chemistry classes my 8th and 10th graders are involved in.  The beautiful, award-winning book was also continually available for personal reflection outside of "school."  It has remained on the ottoman (the closest thing we have to a "coffee table") for easy access to read, to peruse, and to enjoy often.    

Always available to enjoy
The book speaks to my heart personally as I believe that we live on a fairly young earth.  My husband believes that we live on an old earth.  Either way, we both believe that GOD is the Master Designer and created it all.  Purposeful Design:  Understanding the Creation offers good fodder for family discussions as we read and interpret the Bible for ourselves.

Purposeful Design Review

This is a book that will span the ages of your children and be a treasured friend as they grow.  Very young children will enjoy the pictures and could easily listen as parents or older siblings share parts of the reading with them.  Older children will enjoy turning the pages of the book and exploring the different topics on their own.  Families will enjoy the opportunity to discuss the book as they sit at home and as they walk along the road (Deuteronomy 6:7).  Please take a look at the chapter excerpts available on the website (three full chapters plus the abbreviated Table of Contents are offered) -- I believe you're going to like what you see and want to have your very own copy for your family to see the Hands of the Creator.  You can also explore more with Purposeful Design on the following Social Media sites:
or find Jay on LinkedIn as Jayschab

I'm so thankful that GOD has a plan and included us in it.  Aren't you?  Because of HIM, today really does have GREAT POTENTIAL.

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