Friday, November 21, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

1.  It's almost Thanksgiving but I need to be more intentional about making every day a day of thanksgiving.

2.  Casting Crowns can bring me to my knees in PRAISE and to my toes with arms stretched high in WORSHIP all in the same song.  Last night's concert was FANTABULOUS.

With my MainMost

Sidewalk Prophets

Casting Crowns bringing the WORD


Casting Crowns Unplugged -- Acoustic Set Praise

3.  Frozen pizza with friends is gourmet goodness.

Even a brief visit lifts the soul.  

4.  I'm not near as dumb as my children think I am.  I can't wait until they don't know everything.

5.  Protestors outside of a Christian concert don't make sense to me at all.  More emphasis on sharing the LOVE of JESUS would certainly be better for the KINGDOM than a verbal onslaught of condemnation.

Because this day has GREAT POTENTIAL,

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