Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Random 5

1.  I love my family.  I've spent every Thanksgiving with this bunch of people for 24 years.  (except for that one Thanksgiving when I was in the hospital -- so they came to see me.)  We've taken this big family picture for years now.  It's one of my favorite things.

2.  Watching Home Alone on Thanksgiving night is a fun way to kick off the Christmas season.



3.  We're cleaning house today so that the Christmas decorating can begin tomorrow.  If I'm getting a tree this weekend, though, it'll have to be before the 2:30 kickoff of the Egg Bowl.  Priorities, folks.

Hail State

4.  I love this man with all of my heart.  He will always be my MainMost.  We will celebrate our 24th Anniversary next month.  

5.  I hate losing stuff.  I am exhausted.  I have not accomplished near what I wanted to today.

Because this day has GREAT POTENTIAL,

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