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Schoolhouse Review: Apologia's iWitness Series #hsreviews

Apologia Review

I have yet to meet a resource from Apologia Educational Ministries that I didn't just fall right in love with and their new iWitness series is no exception.  The iWitness books are designed to look like real life field journals with handwritten notes and clippings about the discoveries made in GOD's Word. We've had the privilege of reviewing the three newest iWitness books (brand new -- as in just published this year) and the neat thing is there are currently two more that we can add to our studies now and two more coming in 2015.   The books that we've been reading are iWitness Biblical ArchaeologyNew Testament iWitness, and Old Testament iWitness. Each one of these books can be used with students of all ages as read-alouds and/or read-togethers, but will be best suited as read alones for students ages 11 and up.  My 8th and 10th graders have enjoyed them immensely.  These gems are jam-packed with information and it is all presented in a fun, easy-to-comprehend way -- like looking first-hand at personal notes of historical archaeologists.  Isn't that neat?

In all honesty, I have enjoyed reading these books with the Eagle Scout and the Princess just as much as they have enjoyed reading through them.  We've used them as part of our daily Bible study time and I've learned all kinds of new things about the Bible that I didn't know before we got them.  I've even been able to use them as I prepare to teach children and middle schoolers at church.  They are chock-full of information.  These books have really grabbed my kid's attention because they give an opportunity to really dig deeper into understanding GOD's Word in an interactive manner.  Isn't that exciting?

Written by Doug Powell, the art director for Apologia, the iWitness series is Christian apologetics presented in a way that readers have a chance to figure out the truth for themselves.  Reading through the books offers students (and parents, too) an opportunity to find the answers to tons of questions they might have about the Bible, faith, and Christianity all by themselves through a treasure/scavenger hunt format.

And did I mention they were gorgeous books?  Beautifully crafted and magnificently designed, each of the pages invites you in and calls you home.  I totally enjoyed reading this Interview with the Author and being able to have a glimpse into his thought process as he writes creates books works of art that teach and train and help the reader own their faith and know you'll enjoy it as well.  That's a super-important goal that I have for my children -- that they own their own faith -- so this is an incredible resource for us.  I want them to KNOW anad BELIEVE in the GRACE and MERCY that is JESUS wholeheartedly.

Here's a glimpse inside the covers of the books we've been studying:

Apologia Review
iWitness Biblical Archaeology ($14.00) takes you back in time to biblical events and shows you the evidence found that proves their true existence. Beginning with the Flood in Genesis and continuing to the shroud used in the burial of JESUS, readers can answer their questions about the Bible.  There are pictures of the Dead Sea Scrolls, fragments of ancient letters and current pictures that show modern views of ancient events.  Truly fascinating.

Apologia Review
New Testament iWitness ($14.00) gives clues to the reader to find out information about each of the 27 books in the New Testament and to help you understand WHY and HOW they were written.  It explains how the writings of the New Testament were recovered, how they were copied, and how these particular books were selected to be a part of the completed New Testament of the Bible.  Readers study graphs and compare variations of Scripture to bring clarity and focus to the Gospel.

Apologia Review
Old Testament iWitness ($14.00) explains why the Hebrew Scriptures are so important to our faith and why the Old Testament is still relevant to us today.  I LOVE the explanations of its divisions and the purpose shared for each of the 39 books and was super-excited to share them with my kids. We are always looking for ways to help our Bible Drillers find the individual books of the Bible in a timely manner (they only have 8 seconds in competition) and knowing the divisions is a great way to do just that.  What a nice reinforcement at home for what I'm teaching at church.

These books are great study tools for my kids and I like that they are learning so much as they explore the field journals.  I'm looking forward to adding JESUS iWitness and  Resurrection iWitness to our library soon along with iWitness World Religions and iWitness Heresies and Cults when they are published next year.   All four of these iWitness books are intriguing to me.  You can find out more about these wonderful books and more by following Apologia on the following Social Media platforms:




Join me as we become eye witnesses to the wonders of GOD through the iWitness series,

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