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Schoolhouse Review: Anthem for a Nation (New Liberty Videos) #hsreviews

If MY people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.                                                          2 Chronicles 7:14

New Liberty Videos Review

We finished up our studies of American history last year.  It was a beautiful reminder to me of what our forefathers were thinking when they were working and putting our nation together.  I love sharing the stories of how God ordained our nation with my children and look for resources that allow us to continue learning and discussing who we as a nation have been and who we should strive to be.   The Anthem for a Nation DVD is such a resource.

We recently were given the opportunity to watch and review Anthem for a Nation ($19.95) by New Liberty Videos.  Beginning with the majestic rendition of This Is My Country and the opening pictures of scenery from across America, we were spellbound for the entire 42 minute run-time. 

New Liberty Videos Review

I love America.  I love our flag and standing at attention as it passes by.  I love placing my hand over my heart when we rise to sing our national anthem.  I'm proud of our heritage as a nation and pray that we will again turn and bow before GOD and put HIM first in all that we do.  It is important to me that my children understand patriotism and appreciate the sacrifices that so many have made for America.  Anthem for a Nation  helps explain this history and offers a glimpse of hope in dark days.  Before our review copy arrived, my Princess (the 8th grader) and I watched the 2-minute trailer shared below together.   We agreed then that we NEEDED to see the full movie.  (You can also  view a 15-minute preview of this video to see for yourself what an impact this film will make on your family.)


Anthem for a Nation is suitable for a general audience, but I suggest previewing it first so that you will be prepared to discuss it with your family.    I shared it with my 8th and 10th graders during school and with the middle schoolers (6th, 7th, and 8th graders) at church.  For our family, there was absolutely nothing about it that I felt my children couldn't see.  At church, I used it as the background for a Bible study series.  The students were spellbound as we watched history unfold from a Christian perspective.  (I even had adult volunteers call me the next day to ask more about the film and where they could get a copy to share with others.)  The discussion of our nation's founding on Christian principles and the proof of that found in the physical layout of Washinton, D.C. was powerful.    The illustration of the war on life through abortion left us in stunned silence with tears streaming down our faces.  I firmly believe that we need to see and hear truth -- and I prefer that my children see and hear truth with me so that we can discuss it together.

A few years ago I was privileged to visit New York City.  I sailed around the Statue of Liberty with a lump in my throat.  I walked the great, vast halls of Ellis Island in silence as I listened to the stories of immigrant families arriving in America.  I wept openly as I touched the deep scars left on hard wooden pews from firefighter's equipment as they slept on pews in St. Paul's Chapel of Trinity Church just a few blocks away from where the Twin Towers had once stood.  All of those raw emotions come rushing back to me as I watch Anthem for a Nation.  What a legacy we have.  Let us be the people that pray and humble ourselves and seek GOD's face.

As much as we have enjoyed viewing and discussing Anthem for a Nation and sharing it with others, I would be remiss if I didn't mention one issue that I had with the sound in a portion of the video. During some video segments, the audio is artifacted and compressed, producing a very uneven tone. I have no idea what was going on as I played two separate videos on three different machines with the same results.   The bottom line is that the video is beautiful and in the narration segments the audio is perfect.

I have been deeply touched as I watch Anthem for a Nation and have learned remarkable things about America's founding.  Filled with scripture and patriotism, this documentary-style video tugs at your heartstrings and reminds you to pray without ceasing that we will indeed be found faithful.  New Liberty Videos offer Christian videos that change lives now and eternally and we look forward to viewing more in our home.

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