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Overrated -- a Book Review and Giveaway #OverratedBook

When the book Overrated arrived at my house, I was headed out the door to the soccer field.  We had to be there an hour early that day for team pictures, so I grabbed my newest book to read a bit before the game started.  I've never claimed to be a superhero, but I do desire for GOD to send me where change is needed.  At least, I've always thought that was the desire of my heart.  You know, I can talk the talk . . . but do I walk the walk?

I was sitting on the sidelines and glancing through the chapters when another soccer mom asked what I was reading.  I passed Overrated to her and she read the back cover and flipped through the pages before returning my book.  And right then and there, she challenged me to not just read the book, but to allow it to make a difference in my life.  Wow.  Can I just say "WOW?"

Written as a confession by author Eugene Cho, Overrated is a tough read in that it calls you WAY OUTSIDE of your comfort zone and requires that you put ACTION to your words and thoughts and prayers.  It's about really digging your heels in and allowing GOD to use you in a way that brings glory and honor to HIM -- no matter the cost to you.

And here's where it hits me personally, right at home in my daily life and ministry (emphasis added mine) :
I believe we should be about the marathon and not about instant gratification.  We don't need one hit wonders; we need steady and faithful engagement.  We need people who are faithful.  People who are tenacious.  People who don't give up.  These people are few and far between.  But they can truly change the world 
And so I'm taking the challenge to "be about the marathon" in life.  To hold on and not give up.  To pray first and talk last.  To not let it be too easy to change, to quit, to abandon ship, to file for divorce online, to do whatever.

I am simply remembering the cost.  I am denying myself, taking up my cross, and following JESUS NO MATTER WHAT.  Because in my life, JESUS is enough.  This is discipleship and I am all in.

So how about you?  Are you ready to take the challenge to be different than the world and not be simply overrated?  Why don't you read along with me?  I'd love to discuss with you.  Why don't you join me today?

From the author:  This book is my confession. It’s painful and honest, but it’s mine. And it’s this: I am more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually changing the world. This isn’t a message of guilt or shame. But it is a call, to both you and me, to be less infatuated with telling a good story and instead live the good story—a story of faith, hope, courage, and justice. -Eugene Cho

We don't have to be superheroes to change the world.

About the book:
We all want to change the world, but as pastor Eugene Cho found out, it takes more than just desire. It takes action.  In this personal confession he encourages readers to discover a practical discipleship that begins with the recognition that changing the world starts with changing ourselves.

Many people today talk about justice, but are they living justly?  They want to change the world, but are they being changed themselves?  Eugene Cho shares his story, a messy, painful story of being more in love with the ideas behind the actions than counting the cost and being a world-changer in action.  Because everyone loves justice and compassion, but few have taken it upon themselves to truly live it out in their own lives.  Cho is still on that journey to discover what it means, and invites readers to join him.

About the author:
Eugene is the founder and visionary of One Day’s Wages, a grassroots movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Quest Church, an urban, multicultural, and multigenerational church in Seattle, Washington. Eugene and his wife, Minhee, have three children.

Check out the book trailer (but do so at your own risk.  This may change the way you think about your life).  Also, visit the Official Website and join me in taking the 5-Day Overrated  Challenge. Let's do this together because we CAN change the world.

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This Day Has Great Potential for CHANGE . . .  aren't you ready to be a part of it?

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  1. Justice, compassion, and absolutely making a difference in this hurting world, yes this sounds like a good book.

  2. I love the idea of running the marathon. I've been a busy, busy gal all my life...and the consequences of those short, hard continual sprints finally caught up with me. I'm changing my own viewpoint little by neat to hear that I'm not the only one!

    Neat giveaway, Lynn!

  3. It definitely sounds like this book is a challenge that we need in our lives. Thank you for sharing it. - Lori


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