Tuesday, July 8, 2014

One Pot Wonder -- Pasta with Ease

There's a new-to-me recipe that's been floating around cyberspace.  I've seen it on Facebook a number of times, so I finally decided to give it a taste at our house.  And it was good.  Very good, actually.  We all agreed that it was definitely a keeper recipe -- and I plan to add zucchini to it the next time I make it.  That will make it even better in my opinion.  

Wonderful Pasta

Here's my variation on the One Pot Wonder Pasta.  Enjoy.

Combine the following in one pot on your stovetop:

12 ounces of thin spaghetti
1 can of diced tomatoes  (I used diced tomatoes with oregano, garlic, and basil.)
4 1/2 cups chicken broth (I used one box of broth and added water as the remaining liquid.)
Dried onions -- a big shake of the jar
Fresh Parsley -- a big handful, chopped
Salt and Pepper, to taste

Bring the ingredients to a boil.  Cover and cook on low for 10 minutes.  Serve with finely shredded Parmesan sprinkled over the top.  A salad and nice hunk of bread would make for the perfect meal.

 photo 9c2d3d39-9e5d-4351-b060-d6251ee13eaa_zpseda17cd5.jpgI'm linking up with my friend Lisa at Home to 4 Kiddos.  Hop on over and try a new recipe today.
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