Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Who Do You Say I Am?

One of the free time options at camp was to help make this artistic display based on the camp theme of "Who Do You Say I Am?".  It was neat to watch the kids express their thoughts about who JESUS is so creatively.  I even added a bit of creative flair. Can you guess which one is mine?

JESUS is . . .

One of the students wrote the one pictured below.  I think that is such an eloquent statement about JESUS -- it takes my breath away.  Our JESUS is so good to us.  I look out on the night sky and see so many tiny flickers of light.  It amazes me to think that HE breathed all of those into being.  WOW.

So thankful for HIS breath of LIFE
It's given me a lot to ponder.  I'm making a list of all that JESUS is for me.  What would YOU include on your list?  What do YOU say HE is?  Will you share those thoughts with me? Pin It Now!

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