Monday, January 6, 2014


For many years I did not take down any of our Christmas decorations until Twelfth Night (January 6).  I enjoyed looking at them until Epiphany -- the celebration of the Wise Men finally reaching JESUS.   The patience of the travelling caravan still moves me today.

Then we began the official "blowing up of the Christmas tree" to welcome in the New Year a few years ago and our tree started coming down for New Year's Eve.  As a result, very few of my decorations remain in place today.  But there are some . . .

We still enjoy the celebration of the obedience and dedication of those Kings from afar.  I love knowing that they kept searching for the KING of KINGS and didn't give up until they arrived to worship HIM when he was a toddler.  Oh, that I will be so obedient.

In honor of Epiphany, I wanted to share a few pictures of the Wise Men from some of my Nativity sets.  I am a collector of things and my love of nativities began when I won a coloring contest in the second grade and bought my very first Creche with the awarded gift certificate.  I continue to add to my collection and celebrate the BIRTH of our SAVIOR.  I hope you enjoy this sneak peek as we celebrate the end of the Christmas season.  Bring on the King Cake now -- yum.  

From my mantle nativity

Cross Base

One of my all-time favorite gifts, this set is made of nails.

Love the simplicity of these

Guatemalan Kings

Wee Kings from Mexico

Royal Tapestry

3 Tall Kings

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