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Schoolhouse Review: Diary of a Real Payne

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"Hey, Mom -- Can you please buy me a diary?" 
"Mom . . . don't forget:  I REALLY need a diary."
"PLEASE M -  O - M, when you're at the store today, pick out that diary for me."
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That's what I heard from my Princess for THREE days after she jumped into the pages of the newest book to find its way to Long Leaf Academy. Diary of a Real Payne True Story: Book 1 (currently available for $4.49) is written by Annie Tipton and published by Barbour Publishing for children ages 8 - 12 (but it can certainly be loved by children and adults of all ages).

The part "story", part "peek-into-the-handwritten-diary" of fourth grader Emma Jean Payne ("EJ" for short), is just what my own "EJ" needed to excite her about reading -- and writing. {Don't you just LOVE it when a book encourages your child and motivates them to try something new?  I've long been wanting for her to fall in love with reading and journaling.  How wonderful that it's finally happened.}

This 192-page, softcover book is the perfect read for girls and boys who dream of adventure and enjoy a good laugh along the way.  Christian fiction at its finest, Diary of a Real Payne True Story:  Book 1 will leave smiles on the faces of your children -- and will put CHRIST-honoring delight in their hearts.  It's one book that they will WANT to read without any insistence from Mom and Dad.  The 15 chapters are perfectly portioned for daily reading with plenty of opportunity for hands-on activities included in the real-life lessons shared.

Although it's not really a true story, it very well could be.  Diary of a Real Payne True Story:  Book 1 easily tells the compiled story of little girls everywhere.  EJ Payne is a not-so-typical little girl, full of energy, dreams, spunk, and JESUS -- and that JESUS is my very favorite part.  I love knowing that my daughter is not only reading, but that JESUS is woven throughout the pages of the book she's reading.  It's wonderful to know that talking to GOD is as normal for characters in books as it is for my own family.  I know that good character traits are developed as our children read books that encourage compassion and point to GOD's Big Plan and that's just the type of literature for us.

Here's what my girl had to say about her new friend, EJ Payne:
I could SO relate to EJ.  First, our initials are the same so that was fun. She's so much like me.  She didn't mind being different (like I don't mind being different).  She didn't listen to anyone and that can sometimes get you in trouble (guess how I know?).  She liked to go exploring (I do, too).  EJ was fun and funny. She was impetuous--she would do whatever was on her mind.  I tend to be the same way.  
One of my favorite things about EJ was that she made food art.  I was never allowed to do that so I got to experience it with her.  EJ is very creative and imaginative -- people say I am both.
I highly recommend reading this book.  This is the book that will make your day and help you explore your inner self.  You'll find out more about who you are and who GOD wants you to be.

Although my Princess is on the higher end of the age range (she's 12), Diary of a Real Payne True Story:  Book 1 has proven to be right on target for her reading level.  The words and message throughout the pages of the book encourage her to read, read, read and she is not exasperated but desires to dream alongside EJ Payne.  This warms my heart because she was my child who did not care to learn to read until well after her siblings and peers.  And that diary she asked for so insistently?  She got it -- and is filling its pages already.  Now, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Book 2 -- Church Camp Chaos in March 2014.  This is definitely a series to enjoy.  GOD-honoring literature that's sure to become a classic family favorite -- pick up your copy of Book 1 today so you're ready when the chaos of camp explodes in Book 2.  Happy Reading -- and writing.  

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I was given the opportunity to read and review Diary of a Real Payne True Story:  Book 1 published by Barbour Publishing as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.   You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew thought of this and other products as well (or just click on the banner below.)

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  1. Lynn, so glad you and Princess enjoyed EJ's adventures -- and that Princess is keeping a diary right alongside EJ! Awesome! Thanks for your review.


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