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Schoolhouse Review: Moving Beyond the Page

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Memorial Day was the perfect day to introduce the kids to our new Moving Beyond the Page studies.  Moving Beyond the Page really is "how your children want to learn" and it has been a great addition to Long Leaf Academy.   Available in two formats (hard-copy and online), Moving Beyond the Page truly has something for everyone.
We've been working through the Bull Run Language Arts Package and the World Wars I and II  Science/Social Studies Package and my kids are simply delighted.  Don't you just love it when your children are excited about learning?

And just how perfect were these two Moving Beyond the Page studies?   On Memorial Day, we took a tour of three local cemeteries looking for American flags placed in honor of military servicemen and women.  We found flags for soldiers in all of the wars and conflicts that our country has faced -- and even visited one Confederate cemetery.   It was a great way for us to remember the price of freedom and to honor those who have fought for our country AND was the perfect lead-in to our studies.   I have been able to use both the Bull Run and WW I and II curriculum packages to enhance our cemetery tours and help bring history to life.

A literature-based curriculum that can be used to meet all of the educational requirements for a student for a year (just add the math curriculum of your choice), Moving Beyond the Page is divided by age, concept, and unit.  For purposes of this review, I was given the opportunity to choose one literature package and one science/social studies package from any age range, concept, or unit.  This worked well for us as I am most interested in allowing our summer learning to be delight-directed.  It was beneficial to be able to choose packages that fit right in with summer plans.  Both of my packages were designed for students in the 10 - 12 age range and I used them with my Princess (12) and Boy Scout (14).   I received one online package (literature) and one hard-copy package (science/social studies).

Because this year marks the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, I chose Bull Run for our literary selection.  We had never read Bull Run and I really liked the idea of it being told from a variety of background characters in different narratives.  It was most interesting to us to meet the 16 participants of the story and hear their take on the Civil War.   We chose to read Bull Run as a reader's theater -- each taking turns reading about the lives of the different characters represented.  For our science/social studies selection, we were able to use World Wars I and II.  We found these packages to correlate nicely.

The Bull Run Language Arts Package ($39.97) includes online instruction and two physical books (Bull Run and Pink and Say).  There are 40 student activity pages -- including great maps to color code for both the Confederacy and the Union and pages that teach you how to design a quilt based on the different characters in the books.  Throughout the seven lessons, students are introduced to critical thinking skills and propaganda and taught how to write an argumentative essay.  Grammar skills are honed and students learn how to analyze literary works.  Because this was an online package and we were working through it together, I simply logged in each day to read over the assignment.  I printed the student activity pages as we needed them and allowed my children to work through them at the conclusion of our reading time.

The World Wars I and II Science/Social Studies Package ($42.89) includes a 176-page spiral-bound, softcover text and two physical books (A History of US:  War, Peace and All That Jazz and Where Poppies Grow).  The nine lessons offer an overview of both World Wars I and II and include map activities, vocabulary lessons, and creating posters to encourage all friends to "get involved with the war effort".    The variations in the assigned activities make sure that there is something to meet each student's learning style.   (You can check out this sample to see for yourself.)  Even more encouraging is the fact that all of the supplemental books have made it into our day-to-day reading.  My Boy Scout has enjoyed reading A History of the US for FUN -- and not just as assigned.

Because Moving Beyond the Page is written directly to the student, students are expected to work independently through the lessons and carry out most of the activities presented.    Students are given easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.  Parents should be on hand for discussion and final evaluation.  The curriculum can be used as an independent, comprehensive curriculum   (meaning you cover all of the concepts and units throughout the school year) OR can be used to teach a certain novel, idea, or topic (meaning you pick and choose based on your child's interest).  Each package is designed to be completed in 19 days and the student can easily do this by spending 3 - 4 hours a day on their combined studies. My children found this to be an easy time requirement as we do most of our core curriculum in much the same way.  The comprehensive questions gave us much fodder for discussion and insured that they were paying close attention to the reading.  Both the Boy Scout and the Princess enjoyed the assignments and I enjoyed watching them learn based on their personal strengths.

Moving Beyond the Page has a multitude of individual units available for study for preschool through middle school grades (with more on the way.)  You are bound to be able to find something special to enhance the learning at your house.  I am thrilled to be able to offer my children subject matter that they are delighted to study.  I think you'll be super excited with what you find as you move beyond the page and into a whole new realm of hands-on possibility.

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 I was given the opportunity to use these two packages from Moving Beyond the Page as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.   You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew thought of this and other products as well (or just click on the banner below.)

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