Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Preparing to Celebrate

There's a birthday here tomorrow and we're preparing for the arrival of the birthday girl now. My baby, our Princess, will turn 12 -- officially at 11:05 in the morning. How in the world did this happen? It seems like just yesterday we were anticipating her grand entrance and now she's looking all grown up. Time flies when you're celebrating life.

For our family celebration, we've made a banner and hung it up over the doorway so it's the very first thing she sees when she wakes up and comes to the living room. There are a few presents awaiting her and a special birthday cake made by the Junior and her BF. Last night she had a daddy date -- dinner and a movie. Life is good and we are blessed. Happy Cake and Candle Day (almost), my love. I'm so proud that GOD saw fit to share you with us.

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