Friday, March 22, 2013

Walk Down Memory Lane

I've been walking down memory lane lately through the pages of my cookbook and the recipes in my card file. For supper last night, we had bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, shoepeg corn cooked in whipping cream, yeast rolls, and salad with guacamole -- all recipes handed down from friends through the years. The food was delicious and the memories dear as I recalled the friends who had shared these treats and the occasions over which we had broken bread together.

I have always enjoyed reading through the pages of a cookbook (a delight shared with me by my grandmother) and at times I have enjoyed cooking and creating. I wonder sometimes if cookbooks steeped in tradition will simply become a thing of the past. The Internet certainly does make it easy to click and find numerous ways to prepare a meal of your choice -- but it lacks the personal touches and the food stained margins that tell a story of where we've been and where we're going.

Years ago, I began compiling recipes in a collection for each of my children. I'm putting together cookbooks for each one to take with them when they marry and leave our home for one of their own. I want them to have in-hand copies of the memories we share around our dining room table as they begin to make even more memories of their own. I hope they will be able to walk down memory lane as they grow their families and break bread with friends.

What about you? Where do recipes take you? What are some of your favorites? I would be honored to hold your memories close and taste the things that are dear to your heart (and stomach). Will you share them with me? Pin It Now!

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