Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Countdown is On

The countdown is on and I'm nowhere close to ready. I really don't "leave" well. The hardest part of any trip for me is the getting it all together to walk out the door.

So, what's on my list of "Really HAVE TO Accomplish Today"?

1. Menus planned for my family while I'm gone.
2. Put together lessons for my blessings to accomplish in school.
3. Get Valentine's happies together for them to open while I'm away.
4. Make a shopping list -- and a tutu.
5. Pack--actually pack these suitcases for the trip.
6. Find that yellow paint.

And that's truly just a drop in the bucket. I'm so excited -- yet so nervous -- all at the same time. Lots to do as the time draws near. Prayers definitely appreciated as my friend and I make final preparations to head out "for such a time as this."

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  1. Menu plans sound wonderful. I don't even get that done when I am home. The girls have discussed foods they can prepare, and we shopped for what they need to have on hand to make a few meals that they like. We have two prepared meals in the freezer. Lesson plans are also not done, though I did sit with my Mom and show her some of the things that she can do with the kids while I'm gone. Your #3, I've got plans to leave treats for my kiddos but still need to work on that. #4- 6 are different for me. Now I need to repack. I am so excited about this trip. I hope you seal all of that paint in a lot of Ziplocs. I had plans of getting caught up on laundry and leaving with everything "company ready" at home, but there seems to be more and more to do.


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