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Schoolhouse Review: Growing Up Wild

God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him.  
-Hudson Taylor

We're not completely growing up wild . . . yet -- but I sure can see us doing just that. When GOD calls, HE doesn't easily let go. HE'll keep right on at you until you say "YES." And I'm so thankful that HE loves us enough to NOT let us go. Aren't you?
If you've been reading This Day Has Great Potential for very long, you'll know that I KNOW that GOD has big plans for us. It is my my very aim and purpose to encourage my children to have an impact on this world for GOD's glory. I pray that everything I do points them in that direction and I purpose to give them back to my Heavenly FATHER who shared them with me. I do know that they are first and foremost HIS and I am honored that HE saw fit to allow me to be a part of what HE has planned for them.

Knowing that they are really HIS makes it easier to prepare them for the time when they will go into the world. I pray that I am teaching them to truly FOLLOW wherever HE leads. We have spent time studying missionaries and heroes of the faith. We have served in foreign missions and local missions. And every time, I realize that HE wants more. And I want to give even more.
I want GOD's very best for my family and I want us to be ready and willing when HE calls us into action. One of my biggest regrets thus far in my life is when I did NOT go on a mission trip. I let my eldest daughter go -- but I stayed home. I will never forget the tears of regret that I cried and I am determined to NEVER say no again. Just last week when GOD presented me with the opportunity to serve in Thailand, I said yes without hesitation. I am so stinking excited to be obedient to HIS call. I can't wait.

And that's the exact feeling I want for my children as they say "YES" to GOD's call for the rest of their lives. It is so important to me to present them with motive and opportunity to serve GOD however HE requests. Part of presenting them with motive and opportunity is teaching them to love missions and develop a heart for service. We've been able to do that in a variety of ways and have recently stepped right into the middle of GOD at work through the lives of The Wild Brothers.

PhotobucketSo, who are the Wild Brothers, you ask?
The Wild brothers are four boys (Morgan, Hudson, Kian and Asher) who serve alongside their parents (Mike and Libby) as missionaries to the Wano people in Papua, Indonesia.  A labor of love that started out as a way to chronicle their call, the Wilds have produced a series of DVDs to be used to introduce children to the work GOD is doing in the mission field.  Called Growing Up Wild, the 15-episode DVD series is a wonderful addition to ANY family or church library.  There are currently 5 DVDs completed and we've had the fun privilege of watching two of them.  And I'm ordering the others.  I can't wait to share them all with my children -- and all of the kids at church.  (They are perfect for any kids ages 5 and up.)

We have enjoyed getting to know the Wilds and seeing their heart for GOD at home -- and at church.  We've watched the video episodes during our school day and have learned so much from both the videos and the accompanying Activity Guides.  We've been able to use the suggested activities to deepen our study -- and all of my children have been involved.  From building a Wano hut to creating a photo journal of our trees, we have all been amazed at GOD's work in and through the lives of the Wilds.  We haven't met them, but we consider them our friends and pray over their work and ministry far across the world.
My very own WILD bunch!

Core Group Leader Gone Native!
This has just been the most fun.  I was able to share the ministry of the Wilds at church with a "Growing Up Wild" theme night held for my middle schoolers (6th - 8th graders) in October.   Students (and leaders) were encouraged to dress the part and came in a variety of  outfits -- from colorful birds and butterflies to missionaries and natives.  Middle Schoolers were treated to a WILD night of tasting and seeing that the LORD is good.  We served Coconut Rice (rice cooked in coconut milk), Sweet Potato Chips, Termites and Dirt {okay, so it was really Frito candy, but that's our little secret}, Bat Goulash (hotdogs cooked in chili and sprinkled with cheese), and roasted pumpkin -- as authentic as I could be and still get them to do a taste test.  We washed all of the yummy food down with lemonade -- a favorite drink in Indonesia  -- and enjoyed the videos together.  After each episode, we took a break for a Bible study of the scriptures presented and talked about what we were seeing on the screen.  It was a real eye-opener to see how the Wilds lived and loved on those around them.  I ended our "Growing Up Wild" night by challenging my students to be WILD about JESUS and we prayed a prayer of commitment for missionaries everywhere.    It was such an honor to see middle schoolers bowed in prayer for others.

Our WILD menu:  Coconut Rice, Sweet Potato Chips,
Termites and Dirt, Bat Goulash, and Roasted Pumpkin
We had a great time pondering over missions and discussing GOD's call to us all.  The students really, really liked Growing Up Wild and it is the most requested event ever.  They ask me every week "when are we going to watch more of the Wilds?"  Won't they be excited to know I'm ordering more?

I can't wait for the opportunity to share the stories of our friends, the Wilds, with the children in our Children's Ministry.  I am looking forward to showing ALL of the children in our church what it's like to be a kid in GOD's service.

Narrated by Mama Wild, Growing Up Wild has made quite an impact on my family.  {Okay, the snake kind of creeped me out, but . . . } this is exactly the desire of my heart.  We're supposed to be on the mission field.  I just know it -- and am waiting patiently for GOD to reveal the details.  I WANT my children to have a heart for people groups all over the world.  I desire for our family to be totally and completely obedient to GOD's WORD and see the nations reached for JESUS.  I want us growing up in the wild, too.

        Photobucket Photobucket

You can have the fun of learning about different cultures and seeing how real-life missionaries actually live by ordering your very own set of the DVD series.  Growing Up Wild, Volume 1 and Growing Up Wild, Volume 4 (the ones that I have) are sold for $18.99 each (plus tax and shipping) as are each of the five volumes in the series.  BUT, I would highly suggest you go on and purchase the complete set for only $80.99 (plus tax and shipping).  Your family will love them all and you'll be so happy your ordered them all -- plus they'll make a super Christmas gift full of adventure.  The first-hand look at GOD at work will bless you and bless your family.  You'll be planning your very own WILD night of fun soon.  I just know it.  My children continually ask to watch the Wild Brothers again  and again -- and now the middle schoolers at church do, too.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  May we be found faithful servants ready to FOLLOW HIM.


~Disclaimer:  I was given the opportunity to watch and review Growing Up Wild as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you.  I received the DVDs in exchange for my honest review.  You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew thought of Growing Up Wild. ~

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