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Schoolhouse Review: Notable Novelists Game

There's a hurricane a'brewin'.  Well, actually it's bearing down and on its way to shore.  Unfortunately, we are in its path and the winds and rain will be here shortly.  Hurricane Isaac is scheduled to make landfall on the 7-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and oh, how well we remember Katrina.

One of the things that Hurricane Katrina taught me was to make sure that I have a ready supply of games on-hand and easily accessible for the children to play together during times of extreme stress.  In the aftermath of Katrina, we had a few board and card games, (but not nearly enough) and I have spent the last several years stocking our shelves.  We have an armoire in the living room that holds our games and puzzles and is always ready for action.

I like games that entertain and games that teach.  The ones that do both are my absolute faves.  We've recently had the opportunity to play a new card game that both entertains and teaches.   Notable Novelists of the 20th Century is our new game and it is both fun AND educational.

PhotobucketA card game for book lovers, Notable Novelists is fun for 2 or more players (and we've played successfully with 4, 5 or 6 players) ages 12 & up (but my 11-year-old enjoyed it, too).  The 54-card deck includes detailed playing cards for 18 writers who have made valuable contributions to the literary world and there's a chance that additional Literary Sets will be sold to add even more to the game.  How fun is that?

Similar to the old time games of Go Fish or Old Maid, Notable Novelists has each player collecting a set of three cards for each featured Novelist.  Beginning with the youngest player, players ask each other if they hold an Author Card, a Library Card or a Bio Card for any Novelist they choose.  The Bio Card lists the author's name and a short biographical sketch.  The Library Card lists three literary works by the author.  The Author Card has a caricature of the author and his or her birth date and city and death date.

When you make a complete set -- called a Literary Set -- containing each one of these cards for one particular Novelist, you are allowed to place it on the table.  The game is over when all 18 sets have been made and the winner is the player with the most sets.    In order to avoid hurting any feelings, all authors in the game are deceased.  Here's a completed set so you know exactly what I mean:


Neat, huh?  This simple concept has produced some fun times for the McBlessings.  Quite a few of our family's favorite Novelists were included in the game, and we were happy to learn about even more.  Some of the ones we particularly like are:

James Baldwin
Flannery O'Connor
James Joyce
Virginia Woolf
D.H. Lawrence
William Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

But that's not all of the greats who are included.  You can read the FULL LIST of  featured Novelists here and see how many of them you recognize.

Okay, so that's enough of the mechanics of how to play.  Would you like to hear first-hand from the family?  I hope so -- because they would like to share with you.  I actually wish you could hear the laughter and see their smiles as we play.  We are having much fun together and they are actually being introduced to some of the best literature ever.  That makes this mom a happy camper.

Here's our up close and personal opinions.  Enjoy!

College Freshman:  Notable Novelists was a good memory-strengthening exercise.  You have to think about what everyone else is saying and you really have to listen to each other.  I was glad to be home and get to play with the sibs.

High School Junior:  Notable Novelists is a good "thinking" game.  If you listen carefully, you will remember what cards other players have and it makes winning so much easier.  Winning is the most fun thing.

The Junior's FriendBoy:  First of all, the College Freshman was evil and she may have cheated.  But seriously, as you wait for your turn you have the opportunity to read your cards and you can really learn a lot about the authors.  {and the other players, too.}

Boy Scout:  If you are really competitive and you don't win, it might make you mad.  BUT, it is a really educational game.  If you are playing with a lot of people, you will laugh a LOT.  Don't try to cheat and see what cards your sisters have though, because you'll probably get caught.  Ask me how I know.

Princess:  I like learning about the authors and I have fun playing with my family.  It was a learning experience and was fun hanging out with everyone -- especially as we wait for the hurricane to get here.  It's a good memory for me and I think we'll keep on playing forever.

A great game to play for family time as the storms of life close in or just for keeping the laughter alive, Notable Novelists of the 20th Century can be purchased for $10.95.  The cards are sturdy for years of play and beautifully designed.  From a mom who has been filling up the game cabinet, trust me -- this is a great price for a game and even better price for educational fun around the table.  We are enjoying our play time together and wish the same for you.  Enjoy your family.  Trust me -- they all grow up before you're ready.



~Disclaimer:  I was given the opportunity to play Notable Novelists of the 20th Century as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you.  I received the card game in exchange for my honest review. You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew thought of Notable Novelists and a few other games as well.~

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