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Schoolhouse Review: Golden Prairie Press -- Heroines of the Past Bible Study


In one of our Keepers of the Home meetings last year, we were taught how to take those simple black and white composition notebooks and turn them into beautiful, personalized keepsakes.  We used Mod Podge {one of my new favorite things} and scrapbook paper and bits of ribbon and lace to make them reflect our personalities.  All three of my girls enjoyed the craft and have continued to make them at home.  With a bit of creativity, those cheap little notebooks become pretty special journals -- and you don't want to write just "anything" in them.  After you put a lot of work {and a lot of yourself} into them, you look for unique ways to use them and keep them close to your heart.  The Princess and I have found the perfect avenue for two of ours.

With the Boy Scout working on his religious emblems for advancement and the Junior working through a Bible study book we've been reviewing, Heroines of the Past Bible Study was a perfect study for the Princess and I to embark on together.  And we've decided that our mod podged creations are perfect for answering the questions at the conclusion of each day's reading.  With five daily readings a week, Heroines of the Past is the perfect Bible study for our school time.  At the end of each reading, participants work on scripture memory verses and answer a few questions about the virtue lived out by the heroine in the passage.  Our notebooks were perfect for writing out the scripture memory verse {in our best handwriting, of course} and then responding further to what we were reading.  For example, in Week 3 we read {and then talked about} fear and worry, and were reminded that GOD does not need us to worry about tomorrow.  HE is in control.  What a lesson for a little girl who is afraid when bad weather comes.

PhotobucketHeroines of the Past Bible Study was written by homeschool graduate Amy Puetz and is published by her company Golden Prairie Press.  A 263-page book with over 50 beautiful illustrations, Heroines of the Past reminds us both to learn from strong, noble women in history and keeps our hearts focused on the virtues presented through their lives.  We've been reading about faithful women who walked and talked and breathed JESUS, and as we've read, we've been inspired and encouraged.  With over 30 heroines presented, we've been able to see GOD at work throughout history.  We've studied Princess Edith from the Middle Ages, Elizabeth Zane from Fort Henry, Mary Slessor the Missionary and Edith Cavell from World War I and are looking forward to studying more women and seeing a glimpse of their hearts.

The 13-week Bible study is a great way to start the new school year and offers focused one-on-one time for moms and daughters -- although it wouldn't hurt for sons to listen in, too.  One of my favorite weeks of the study has been Week 4 with Jeremiah 29:11 as it's memory verse.  Jeremiah 29:11 is my life verse and sets the stage for all that I do.  I have enjoyed sharing it with my Princess and watching her commit it to memory.  I like knowing that she is learning to be brave and cheerful, gracious and patient, truthful and sincere as we read and pray together.  I like knowing that she is daily reminded that GOD loves her and has great plans for her life.

Not only a book to read and study, Heroines of the Past has further encouraged to be hands-on learners and doers of the WORD.  We enjoyed making a Box of Visual Reminders to put things inside to help us remember the important truths that we've been studying.  A real-life treasure chest with a girly twist, we took our mod podged notebook creations one step further and decorated an entire shoe box.  Inside our treasure chest, we've put physical things to stir our hearts and memories.  If you take a peek inside, you'll find among other things, a white glove {we found one that was my great-great grandmothers with tiny little buttons up the sleeve} to remind us that CHRIST is our Champion, a rock that reminds us that GOD is our Rock, a copy of the Declaration of Independence in order to foster a love of GOD and country, and a large, flat nail to remind us of just how much GOD loves us.  As we continue to study, we continue to add special things to help us both remember what we've read.  This is great for my girl {and good for her mama, too}.  It is wonderful to be reminded that just like we take those simple composition notebooks and turn them into things of beauty with a little time and effort, GOD takes our simple lives and turns them into things of grace through our obedience to HIS LOVE.

On sale right now for $21.60, Heroines of the Past is a delightful Bible Study EBook that you can download today and begin reading with your daughter.  I have enjoyed reading through the historical stories with my Princess and recommend that moms and daughters everywhere make this study of virtues a priority.  You can view Sample Pages and peruse the Table of Contents while you decide whether you'd prefer an ebook for your Kindle or an illustrated printed copy to hold in your hands.  Either format will be a blessing to you and yours.



~Disclaimer:  I was given the opportunity to read and study Heroines of the Past by Golden Prairie Press as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you.  I received the pdf  in exchange for my honest review. You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew thought of  Heroines of the Past and other Golden Prairie Press items  HERE.~

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  1. We were delighted with the e-book that we reviewed and are interested in more from Amy Puetz. This sounds like another great one. I love the way you paired the special notebook and her best handwriting with these lessons.

  2. Thanks, Lynn. You made me even more excited to do the complete study with my daughter. I signed up for the free few lessons and fell in love with it. Ordering today for the discounted price.


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