Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School and our Dinner Schedule, too!

We started school this week at Long Leaf Academy.  With my College student headed out, it just seemed to make sense for us to get on the same schedule as her although we've NEVER started school before Labor Day.  It's been a pretty good week though -- seems everyone was ready.  We didn't get a chance to take a vacation this summer so I had begun to hear the words "I'm bored" way too often.  No boredom now, though.

With school beginning, it was time to decide on the dinner schedule of who would cook which night.  We changed it up a bit taking the College girl off and adding the Princess to a night of her own.  Then we sat down and made a menu plan for the next three months.  This time around, I get Friday nights and that's not so bad at all.

This past Friday night, though, there were no children home so the MainMost and I didn't even cook.  Instead, I'm cooking Friday night's meal for Sunday lunch.  Can't beat that.

Here's the menu for today:
Tator Tot Casserole (a comfort food, for sure -- and I need a bit of comfort right now)
Butter Beans fresh from my mother-in-love's garden
Sweet Tea

It's a perfect meal for what will be a busy day with meetings this afternoon, Bible Drill kick-off  and a new Bible Study with my middle schoolers at church tonight.

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