Thursday, May 17, 2012

TOS Review: Go Science DVD Series


As we wrapped up our study of Astronomy this year, it was great fun to watch the Go Science DVD series available from Library and Educational Services and help solidify some of the very concepts we'd been studying.  There are 6 DVDs in the complete series and we were given our choice of two to review.  GOD always knows just what we need!

In keeping with our science lessons for the year, we chose Volume 6: Water, Space, Solar System and Volume 3:  Magnetism, Engineering, Electricity and Design.


In short snippets, Scientist Ben Roy (a Science Methods Instructor at the University of Tennesse at Chattanooga) demonstrates cool scientific concepts in a high-energy presentation using liquid nitrogen, helium, plants and artificial gravity.  There's also a real-live studio audience full of children that helps make all children feel right at home.

Especially neat because we've been studying the Solar System, it was fun to hear my children responding to Mr. Roy's questions as concepts came to life.  I was one proud mama when they actually KNEW the answers to his questions about solar energy and about how very cold it is in outer space.  It's great to know they have been listening this year -- and great to know they remembered what they heard.  Even better was hearing Mr. Roy point all things to GOD.  In every demonstration that he did, in everything that he said, Mr. Roy reminded us that it is no accident that GOD MADE PLANET EARTH.  HE made it perfect for us!

Recommended for ages 6-14, I would definitely say that the younger crowd will be most interested in Go Science.  The short lessons will grab and keep their attention and the fact that safety procedures are reinforced will definitely make mom happy.  (All of the children in the studio audience wear safety glasses and are reminded about asking for permission before conducting experiments.)

And every lesson ends with Mr. Roy quoting my very favorite part about Go Science:

Every time we learn something about Science, we learn something about our CREATOR GOD.

That's really why we do what we do -- because educating out children about GOD is our number one priority!

This creation-based Science DVD series can be purchased from Library and Educational Services as a set of 6 for $47.95 or individually for $8.97.  The length and demonstrations vary based on the subject matter of the DVD.  For example, Volume 3 covered 14 demonstrations in 54 minutes and Volume 6 covered 9 demonstrations in 37 minutes.  Because of the engaging nature of Mr. Roy and the studio audience, it was easy for us to sit and watch several scientific demonstrations at a time.  Your children will be excited about science as they watch it come to life with Go Science.

With 6 different titles in the series, there is most definitely something for everyone.  Go Science DVDs cover the following scientific concepts:

  1. Motion and the Laws of Gravity
  2. Simple Machines, Sound, Weather
  3. Magnetism, Electricity, Engineering, and Design
  4. Chemistry, States of Matter, Life Sciences
  5. Air, Flight
  6. Water, Space, Solar System (our personal favorite!)
Check them out and check out the other great affordable resources at Library and Educational Services!


~~Disclaimer:  I was given the opportunity to watch and review Volumes 3 & 6 of the Go Science DVD Series as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you.  I received 2 DVDs in exchange for my honest review. You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the TOS Homeschool Crew thought of  Go Science from Library and Educational Services  HERE.~~
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