Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lovely start to the Day

It's a lovely start to my day.  I'm sipping hot spiced tea given to me by my sweet friend and listening to the Sophomore begin her online Biology class.  The MainMost had homemade cookies sitting by the coffee pot this morning -- made for him by the Senior for his birthday -- and he's off to work.  Millie and Finleigh (our inside pets) are playing contentedly.  I have a really cool Vendor Interest Form to fill out.  Life is good.

I have a million things to do today {okay, so not really a million but it sure seems like it!} and I simply must get started.  Graduation is only two days away and there are videos and programs to be made.  Dance Recital is the same day and there are tights and leotards to be bought.  The Boy Scout is the Baseball Player tonight and has a game and then an indoor practice.  There are even piano lessons for the Senior and the Princess this morning.  This crazy life is nutty but it's all mine.

It's been a lovely start to my day.  GOD is good to me.  My glass is full! Pin It Now!

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