Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Life and Lesser Catastrophes -- Review

My Life and Lesser Catastrophes, Christina Schofield, 978-0-8007-9511-5Sometimes life just absolutely isn't fair.  It's not fair and GOD never promises us that it will be.  BUT it is simply AMAZING to see what GOD will do with a broken, torn-up, un-fair life if we let HIM!  I am walking testimony that GOD is full of grace and love and mercy and that HE never fails us -- NEVER!

I have just finished reading a MOST EXCELLENT book entitled My Life and Lesser Catastrophes by Christina Schofield and I am simply blown away.  I am blown away with the immense passion that Christina writes and the totally sold-out love for GOD that she demonstrates through her written words.  She is honest {unflinchingly so} about her journey of faith and the pits of despair and yes, sometimes anger, that she found herself in following a terrible motorcycle accident that left her with a severe concussion and her husband in a wheelchair.

Ministering to students on a college campus, Allen and Christina seem to have it all figured out.  They are lovers of JESUS who have given their lives, their world to serve GOD.  And then tragedy strikes -- as it sometimes does -- and they are left to pick up the pieces and see how GOD would have them put them all back together.  Christina is candidly REAL as she shares in her memoir how she clung to GOD and HIS promises and how HE loved her through times of panic and even through times of questioning HIS love for her.  I knew exactly what she meant when she shared these words:

Deep down though, I felt hurt that my life was going so poorly when the very GOD of the universe had seemed so close a friend.

I have been right there with her.  I have cried those tears and clung to the only HOPE I could find -- the HOPE that GOD loves me anyway.  It is refreshing to read that another wife, another mom, another minister of the Gospel has felt those same emotions. It is wonderful to read that not only has she FELT them, but she has SURVIVED them -- and we can too.  GOD does care when we hurt and when we cry and HE allows us to question and rebel and cry --

And HE is still right there loving us unconditionally!

When life crowds in and our hearts ache, it is comforting to know that GOD is there and has been there and has prepared our way. Christina says that prior to their motorcycle accident "GOD had prepared my Bible ahead of time.  It looked like something kids get into trouble for, marked with highlighted verses HE had led me to in the months leading up to all this." How wonderful to know that GOD cares so very much for us!

My Life and Lesser Catastrophes reminds me to "love GOD so much that it spills out over others" and to "humbly serve in a way that perhaps no one else notices." I can think of nothing better.  Thanks, Christina Schofield for being honest and living life in such a way that pulls me even closer to my DADDY.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you READ THIS BOOK.  You'll be glad you did!  You can purchase a copy of My Life and Lesser Catastrophes from Chosen Books, Amazon or Christian Book Distributors.  (Kindle and e-book editions are also available.)

~~I received a free copy of the book My Life and Lesser Catastrophes from Chosen Books -- a division of Baker Publishing Group.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you.~~

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