Friday, November 4, 2011

I am Thankful for Words of Peace

Today I am thankful for sweet words that remind me.

Words that remind me not who I am but WHOSE I AM.

I've been digging around the blog of my friend Anne.  It is simply the most peaceful place I know and I go there when I need to be reminded of PEACE and HOPE and LOVE and GRACE and MERCY.

How refreshing, how beautiful, how much I needed to be reminded that

the state of my space doesn’t reflect the state of my soul.

Amen and Amen because my space is hectic and chaotic and missing joy with laundry that needs to be done and rooms that need to be cleaned and floors that need to be swept and stuff that just needs to be thrown away and so many "good things" that call for my time -- my seconds and my minutes and my hours and my days.

BUT PRAISE GOD that HE is the AUTHOR of PEACE and not of confusion.  PRAISE GOD that HE loves me just the messed up and broken way I am.  PRAISE GOD that my soul finds rest in HIM alone.

So today I am thankful.

I am thankful for words on a virtual page that remind that I am a failure with a FATHER who loves me.  My DADDY loves me . . . just the way I am.

I’m linking up with my friend Brenda over at Garden of Learning. She’s challenged me to be in a mindset of gratitude as we prepare for a celebration of Thanksgiving! Hop over and check out how others are preparing their hearts and minds!

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  1. That is a wonderful post! I, too, find myself concerned about my space, then I remember that I am here for my children and not to impress someone. I once saw a sign that said something like... If you are here to see me, come right in. If you are here to see my house, make an appointment. I try to keep this in my mind when I stress over my house.


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