Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratitude Challenge -- Day One

I spent a little bit of time today changing out the decorations on my mantle.  It was time to add a few Thanksgiving things -- including a framed Scripture.

"In all things give THANKS." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I am so very thankful.  It's been a nice evening of special family time.  We ate supper together -- a new recipe I found on Pinterest -- and then each person traced their hand onto fall-colored construction paper.  We cut out our handprint and wrote something we are thankful for.  We placed them on our Thankful Tree -- brown butcher paper twisted and wrapped around one of the beams in the dining room.

After we talked about what we are all thankful for, we watched a movie together -- no cell phones allowed! {although the Senior and my MainMost just may have cheated once or twice when they thought I wasn't looking!}

It's been a nice evening together and I am thankful that GOD has gifted me with a most marvelous husband and a quiver full of blessings.


I'm linking up with my friend Brenda over at Garden of Learning.  She's challenged me to be in a mindset of gratitude as we prepare for a celebration of Thanksgiving!  Hop over and check out how others are preparing their hearts and minds!

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  1. Sounds like a fun evening. :-)

    I like your Thankful Tree idea. We may have to try that. You will each put something on it each day?

  2. It really was a fun evening!

    I do plan on us each adding a "thankful" leaf to the tree each night after supper. Probably not handprints each night though because they are rather large and will take up LOTS of the tree...lol I'm trying to figure out what our new "leaf" can be.

    I think just the act of verbally expressing our thanks AND seeing it in front of us every day will really help mold and shape our hearts and attitudes. That's what I'm hoping for anyway!


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