Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flea Circus

Who doesn't love a circus?  I have some great memories of watching the elephants push the big top up with my sweet grandfather by my side.  I love the smell of popcorn and cotton candy and I love hearing the roar of the lions as they jump through hoops.  I enjoy seeing a hundred brightly colored clowns come out of a tiny car and watching trapeze artists fly through the air.  What great fun a circus brings to town!

We haven't been to the circus in many years, but my children LOVE animals (we have way too many dogs and one lonely cat!) and our family LOVES to play games.  Combine the best of both and you get a great new game called Flea Circus by R & R Games.

RnR Games Flea Circus

Flea Circus is a card game with a twist and has very quickly become a family favorite.  Competing together in a circus atmosphere, players are working to collect rubber dogs and cats that signify points.  When all of the dogs and cats have been claimed, the winner is declared.  The player with the most points (dogs and cats) is the Big Top winner!

Fun and educational, Flea Circus offers opportunities to practice math (You have to keep up with your points.  Dogs are worth 2 points and Cats are worth 1 point.) and think strategically (At any moment in the game, a player can throw down an Animal Control card and force others to give up some of their points.).

Although the box says the game is for 2 - 6 players ages 6 and up, we've played it with more than 6 players successfully. It is VERY family friendly and that's a plus for me.  When my Senior Daughter brought her "friend of the opposite sex" over to meet the family, we quickly pulled him to the table for a rousing game of Flea Circus.  He smiled and laughed and enjoyed our crazy company -- and passed the family test!

The youngest daughter says Flea Circus is her very favorite game ever because it's AWESOME!  She wants us to give it to all of her friends for Christmas!

Flea Circus retails for $15.95 and you can purchase it HERE.  As an extra bonus, you can use the coupon code CREW20 and receive 20% off of ANY purchase from the website.  This very generous offer is good until the end of the year which makes it perfect to add Flea Circus or any of the other cool games under your Christmas Tree.


~~I was given the opportunity to use and review Flea Circus by R & R Games as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you.  I encourage you to check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the TOS Homeschool Crew thought of Flea Circus and its sister game Pig Pile HERE.~~



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  1. We are having a lot of fun with Flea Circus, too....Haven't gotten ALL the family to try it out, yet (Hubby, my oldest boy, my stepdaughter)...Maybe this weekend, if it's too rainy for outside work.... ;-)

  2. Ha! We've ALL played it -- and anyone who comes over, too. It's always the first game onto the table when friends arrive! Such a fun game!

  3. Smiling at your description of your guest. :)


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