Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nifty Giveaway Opportunities

  1. FREE Summer Edition of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine with a Horse Lapbook included

  2. Carmex --two new flavors AND a picnic blanket

  3. Land O'Lakes butter and waffle skillet

  4. The Grace Card movie -- haven't seen this one yet, but can't wait!

  5. Sarah's Wish -- a great book for girls!

  6. $35 Gift Card from DaySpring.  WAY COOL!

  7. Cute Wooden Blocks!

  8. Homeschool Workshop CD Bonanza

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  1. I'd never heard of a waffle skillet before- lots of interesting things on your blog!

  2. [...] comment and worked my way up the line for the number 6 AND THE WINNER IS    LYNN  FROM  . Thanks to all who entered. Keep watching I hope to have many more contests. Comments [...]


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